7 Hot Photos of Diana marua, Bahati’s Alleged Girlfriend. He’s quite the lucky chap!

January 11, 2017
7 Hot Photos of Diana marua, Bahati's Alleged Girlfriend. He's quite the lucky chap!

Just who exactly is Diana Marua? That’s a question that’s been pestering most of us for a minute now and its about time someone dug deeper into the aura of mystery that surrounds this girl.

She’s alleged to be Bahati’s girlfriend but I suspect there is more. This girl was way more popular even before she started hanging out with Bahati. I mean, she has over 30K followers on instagram and she hangs out with the likes of Kiuna and other A list gospel celebrities.

I leave to fight another day but for now just savour her exceptional beauty and elegance:

Diana Marua, Bahati's girlfriend

Diana marua rocks a white Body con dress







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