Nyota Ndogo and Mustapha have been going back and forth, exchanging below-the-belt insults for our entertainment.


Colonel Mustafa,or just Mustafa,is one of the OLDEST,and by old I mean,reeaaaaly old,Kenyan musicians. He started off on the right foot…With the right partner…And then things went south. Pretty fast.

He hasn't released another hit since the Lenga stress debut one year ago, but he has promised to give his fans another reason to believe in his prowess as an artist, he has been busy in his proverbial music kitchen, churning out a delicacy from a recipe he has had for long. 

There are two kinds of male celebrities in Kenya. The first category consists of those that always seem disinterested by the attention they get from women. The second category consists of those that are as thirsty as a Nairobi resident who lives in an estate with water problems.

Singer Colonel Mustapha has been making headlines most recently for all the wrong reasons; key being sexually objectifying women as alleged by Nyota Ndogo and a group of women from the Coast.

As if being kicked out of Ogopa Deejays wasn’t enough stress to bear, singer Colonel Mustapha has most recently come under fire from female celebs and women activists for his ‘bad behaviour’.

After all the racket surrounding the Huddah-Mustapha relationship, things have now taken a totally different an anticipated direction. Earlier today, speaking exclusively to Ghafla! Huddah declared that there’s in fact nothing between her and the ‘Lenga Stress’ hit-maker.

In a lengthy statement sent to us, Huddah states emphatically that Colonel Mustapha is not in her class nor her level and everyone knows that she can never date him…only in his dreams!

Huddah says,

"I don't know Mustafa, I don't know where he lives. And the first time I met him was at the photo session and when we went for KTN interview. When I heard he is all over doing interviews without me saying how much we are dating has trashed my name coz Mustafa and Ogopa DJs are a sinking ship that was only looking to rise using my name.


I went ahead, called Lucas of Ogopa Djs and ordered him not to release the song or else I'll take legal action. And that's why it never got released.

I just wanna make it clear that Mustafa is not my class, not on my level and everyone knows I can't date him apart from his 300fans. Even Mwanaisha asked in the interview, "you are known to be on top of ur game, why Mustafa?" I just laughed coz I was told what to say at the interview until shit hit the fan."

Since it was prudent to give both Mustapha and Ogopa DJs a right of reply, we reached out to them for the same.

Mustafa Huddah

Mustapha & Huddah during 'happy days'

However, if you’ve been keenly following this mini-‘telenovela’, you should know by now that Ogopa never answer phone calls and so the same was witnessed today. After several phone calls and text messages, we got no response.

All the same, we reached out to Colonel Mustapha. And it appears he’s been taking notes from his producer because 6 phone calls later, no answer was forthcoming.

With our hands tied, there’s little we could do than to let the public be the judge.

The management at the country’s leading production power house and record label, Ogopa Deejays, seems to have had a change of heart. This comes a month after the record label dismissed some of the top singers who have been with the label for years.

A miffed Nyota Ndogo took to Twitter and posted harsh messages about Mustapha saying, “umri wako hauambatani na vituko unavyo vifanya kwaivyo rudi nyuma ubadilishe.shame on you.wewe hufai kuitwa kioo.”


Last week, Marya of Ogopa Deejays broke many hearts when she declared that she was going to bat for the other team .This came after a series of bang-la-dashes making a move on her.

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