Hurrah! The much awaited day has finally arrived! Ladies and gentlemen, happy to announce we have successfully completed the month in one piece! The weekend is packed with lots of activities, top of the list is Janet Mbugua's wedding. Keep it Ghafla! we will be updating you on the same. Follow us on our twitter handle @GhaflaKenya for up-to-the-minute news on the long awaited wedding. That aside, check out the hottest stories we have for you this Friday morning:

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One thing we can agree on is that Yvonne was not this hot when she was on Tujuane. I guess a little "me" time  does this to people. She has finally achieved that "Bikini Body". 

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Sammy Okalo a.k.a Jaysam a.k.a Mr. Big Eagle has been in the music business since he was 19 years old, which was about a decade ago in 2005.

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The year is 2015 and every college going average face who has an internet connection has started blogging about their insecurities. This is totally normal. Writing is a good way of dealing with hormonal changes and self esteem. There is  however, a lot that I shall shine the ray on in this ranting because I feel that they're doing a lot more in an industry that needs fashion bloggers, desperately. 

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 Daddy Owen and his elder brother, Rufftone, have been called everything; legend, icon, troubadour, singer of protest songs, surrealist, Christian rocker, amazing vocalists et cetera et cetera. But, their younger brother, Fidel Atondola, could just take that title from them.

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Without fail, we get to hear or witness domestic violence. Domestic violence is a huge thing, a huger thing if it's a woman being beaten up. While the majority of domestic violence victims are women, abuse of men happens far more often than you'd probably expect. Sad thing is, when it's a dude, it's acclaimed when it's a woman, all pangas, mwiko, heels come out... Hypocritical if you ask me. Domestic violence is violence, it should not be appraised just cause of the gender involved. Typically, men are physically stronger than women hence it's shunned but women are supported if not by words then by fellow women to beating up the guy.

Don't get it twisted, I'm not praising the beating of women. I hate violence and drama in any form.

To capture the perfect response we witness on a daily basis is a clip from Sam West. He captured it perfectly. Sam West happens to be one of Kenya's top stand-up comedian his shows are mainly characterized by absurd, surreal, and disturbingly hilarious interpretations of situations and characters.

The clip however, is a cut above the rest;


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Mustafa’s latest video ‘Dodoma Singida’ has been faced with controversy since a snippet of the video showcasing a woman in a polka-dot  bikini shaking her money makers was released.

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Everybody knows Luo is a lifestyle and this culminates to ostentatious display of whichever possession one has in within their reach !

The second edition of the prestigious Luo Festival is around the corner and Luos have perfectly scheduled it to almost coincide with Obama’s arrival.

“It's a Premium event in the Luo calendar and this year it's the President party before Obama lands, it's the only event all Luo governors will attend.” The organizers attest.

So in preparation to Obama’s home coming, the event will be on the same day as America’s celebration of Independence Day, on the 4th of July, 2015.

The event will be huge as expected, what you drive and how you arrive at the event will count.

Keep it Ghafla! On daily updates of which entertainers will be headlining the event and will sharing with you info on tickets and where to grab yours.

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I am not always fascinated by lovers or call them lovebirds doing their preferred things together, be it in the lavatory, kitchen, swimming pool, garden, name them. It is something I would excitedly do if I were in their situation because after all what else would you do except exchanging what you can and wishing for what you cannot?

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Groove Awards will be celebrating its 10th anniversary come June 1st. The award gala is deemed to be the most colorful event since its inception.

With the number of artists nominated for the award on the increase, the competition will be stiff and only your votes will decide who walks home with a prize or two.

Gospel wonder boy, Hope Kid, has been nominated again this year and he is competing alongside other artistes for the Album of Year. His album 'I Am Blessed' got him the nomination.

So you are his fan you need to vote for him to bag the award. You have only a few days left to vote as many times as you wish. So VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Follow this link and vote;

Apart from the Album of The Year, Hope Kid's hit single 'Delilah' has also been nominated under the category of Ragga Song. Follow this link and vote; I don't know what you waiting for if you've not started voting, vote as many times as you can.

The young Gospel Dancehall artist infuses Jamaican Patios and English into his high powered music that inspires a dance throng across the region. Other tracks from Hope Kid include Holiday and Live Up. With both his music and fashion line- HK Wear on the fast lane, this dancehall sensation is definitely something to look out for.

Tell your friends, family, colleagues, neighbor watchie, enemies...everyone one. They need to vote!

Groove Awards will be happening on the 1st of June, 2015. For more info check;

The kid deserves a prize or more from this year’s Groove Awards, don’t let him down. Vote for him as many times as your finger can allow you!

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