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Jeff Omondi (Writer)

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Curvy girls are making a comeback. For many years the skinny gals ruled the roost, but now stars such as Sarah Hassan and their robust figures are super popular among their peers. They are the new breed of curvy celebs with bodies to die for!

In an era saturated with upstart MCs all vying for the coveted status of ‘next big thing’, the story of Nairobi’s native, KASH is a refreshing exception to the quick route to fame and success.


Kenya’s fastest – growing online music distributor, Mdundo, is embarking on a 10 week media tour in an effort to understand the challenges and opportunities in the Kenyan music industry.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014 14:57

Top 10 Hottest Songs from the Coast

For the longest time now, Coast artistes have been lamenting that they have been left behind on matters showbiz coverage arguing that only their Nairobi counterparts get recognition. Not anymore!

Last week we told you how a study revealed how the average Kenyan who had an unlimited amount of money at their disposal and made decisions based exclusively on quality when buying would do.

So, last week, fearless and straightforward writer/ blogger, Njoki Chege, gave women another reason to hate on one of their own when she put on paper what everyone talks about but is not bold enough to put in black and white.

The body of singer Juliana Kanyomozi's son is expected in Uganda this evening from Nairobi.

Yesterday we revealed to you the newest celebrity parents in town; Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari and now there’s more.


Like any other normal couple, celebrities too struggle with infertility at times. And it’s not just everyday couples who undergo fertility treatment after struggling to conceive - high-profile celebrities chose to use IVF to become parents too.

Howdy good people! We're here again, another 24 hours in your hands, do something constructive with them. As you go about your grind, here's what you should know this morning;

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