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Yesterday, there was alot of hullabaloo about whether or not to bleach and I for one came out strongly to say that I do not care. Do whatever makes you feel more beautiful but for heaven's sake, do not put down someone for being either darkskin or lightskin. That is where I personally catch feelings -and that said, I find darker skin toned Africans more attractive but that is just Uncle Chim Tuna and I will not impose my feelings on the next man.

Today is Thursday, and tomorrow Friday, the weekend is finally here and with that I can say goodbye to my week of toil. Speaking of the weekend, I being an megalitarian man believe that if I work 5 days a week, my weekend should be just aslong. If I ruled the world! If only. But I know I can atleast put a smile on your face with the ten hottest stories making the biggest splashes in Kenya's entertainment industry:

Soon after dropping the rather amazing track "Koolio", STL was off to Europe but such is the life of a jet-setting celebrity. She was recently in London before heading back home in Norway. And while in Norway, she settle back into her life as a Norwish rapper and it was while soaking up some very rare sunlight in oNorway that a photgraph was taken of her with her "man".

Catherine Kamau is one of the most curvy women on Kenyan television and I for one feel that she adds alot of spice to the show. Her figure is just what the doctor ordered for Kenyan television and she knows this so she has been flaunting the physique. And I have one for team mafisi if that is still a thing anymore.

Prezzo is just that guy! He has always managed to pop up with very attractive lasses in tow. But on this one he has pulled quite the coup de tat by getting the sworn enemy of one of his former lovers. the lass in question is Huddah Monroe and the lass she has sworn never to get along with is none other than Vera Sidika.

Nakuru is one of the best places to party. Or so I am told... This coming after I once lampooned Nakuru for being boring... But on this one, there is a chance at redemption. How? Well, I will be back in Nakuru for a party and I know this will be going down because it is a Smirnoff Fiesta party. And what pray tell is Uncle Chim Tuna dithering about?

Vera Sidika is one of the sexiest women in Kenya and I for one feel that her metamorphosis suits her. She seems happier with herself and that is all we can ever ask for -comfort in our own skin. But all this is all well and good as far as artificial insemination of heifers goes in Shinyalu. Let us get at it.

When some random Cameroonian star attacked Lupita Nyong'o for being darkskinned and comfortable in her complexion, I was angry. To be honest, I was angered because I personally like darkskinned girls. I however do not begrudge the next man a taste of what he like be it lightskin, Indian or same-sex. It's none of my business.

Vera is one of the most beautiful ladies in the land. Sadly, Kenyans On Twitter are the type to player hate and indeed, Vera is the target of choice today. And the issue is the fact that she has gone on record to admit to bleaching, a very sensitive matter. I for one however respect her for owning up to doing what she feels makes her beautiful and whether or not I agree is not the issue.

Today is hump day so I will not bore you with uplifting messages seeing as I couldn't care less. Let's just get to it. And here are the ten hottest stories making splashes in Kenya's entertainment industry:

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