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Nwasante Khasiani (Writer)

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Two days ago, the Cabinet Secretary of Devolution and Planning, Anne Waiguru opened the Great Lakes Region Youth Summit. The summit was set to find ways to alleviate unemployment amongst the youth. Her opening speech highlighted the avenues that were going to be employed by the government to empower the youth. And here is an excerpt of that:

Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words! It would seem the skin toning that Vera underwent is actually worth the hassle and the money because she doesn't look like a black and white polka dot dalmatian! Her skin tone is even and without blemish. But do not just take my word for it, you have to see it for yourself!

A few days ago, Vera was savagely attacked after being allegedly exposed for posing with other people's cars. Well, it may have taken her a while but she has finally responded! And oh my word! What a response it is indeed. Devoid of vitriol, devoid of anger.

Vera Sidika has been taking alot of fire ever since she told the nation that she had her breasts surgically augmented. But she is not letting that get her down. If anything, she is letting people know just how awesome her life is compared to the haters quick to throw judgement and muck her way.

Whenever you hear a tweef is erupting and it involves either Robert Alai or Vera, it is going to be epic. But what happens when they are insulting each other? Then the level of epicness attained is going to be professional! I am talking overkill! And that is exactly what erupted when the two clashed over a tweet sent out by Soko Analyst.

STL made a plan. Rather, STL's team decided to get professional about hoiw they were going to release the remix to her hit "Biashara". They drafted a media plan of how they were going to do a media tour -visit different radio and television stations to promote their song. Make no mistakes about it, this is a time consuming and energy sapping process. But nothing good comes easy.

Chipukeezy seems to be having alot of fun these days. And why wouldn't he given that he is raking in the money so one problem has been laid to rest. The young comedian who co-hosts the Big Breakfast alongside Caroline Mutoko and Linda Nyangweso recently decided to take a groundie.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to welcome Frasha to the father's club. The Genge artist who makes up one third of P-Unit entered the father's club last night and he took to his instagram account to celebrate the birth of his son. And indeed, nothing makes a man really start living quite like his commencement on the journey that is fatherhood and though it isn't his first child, the fact still remains.

My colleague has a dirty mind! I swear! The lad came across a picture I was looking at and jumped to conclusions. When I look at said photo, I just see Prezzo chilling with his bae. Nothing more, nothing less. But lad is convinced that this is one of those post coitus photos lads take.

Pay Television Company StarTimes Media has introduced a new exciting sports channel that will feature unrivaled sporting action featuring soccer, golf, tennis, rugby, cricket, car racing and extreme sports. The channel, named StarTimes Sport 2 will also air daily up to date sports news and magazine to its subscribers across Kenya in a move aimed at further boosting the company’s entertainment offering.

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