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Back in the day, Beenie Man was a very huge act. He visited Kenya and drove everyone wild -if you go in for the dancehall tip. And one of the people he got to jam with and have a photo taken with is Caroline Mutoko and Muthoni Bwika. And my oh my, the picture tells a story, nay it writes up a novel, the like of which Ludlum would go green with envy over.

Thursday, 17 April 2014 09:36

Meet DNG's Beautiful Lady

DNG is a man of many hats and colours. A radio presenter -le sigh-, a rapper, an event MC and an enterpreneur. But for the longest time his life has been private and secret. He has somehow managed to guard his privacy but I figure Ghafla is here to feed you on what you need to know about Kenya's celebrities.

Eric Omondi is a man with an eye for the ladies. And he knows how to pick the sexy ones, no ratchet beat up hag has her greasy hands on the lad and that's the way he likes it. No sloppy seconds either. And so when I received wind of the existence of this picture I did everything in my power to get it. Perhaps to stick on my wall...

This is the second installment from the controversial dancehall artist Blaqy continues to tear at men for their double standards and thirsty ways in this final installment of the open letter he shared with me.

When he burst onto the scene, it was shortlived as he soon got banned for having a song considered offensive to the Kenyan moral police. They performed an adhoc moral investigation and found him guilty of perpetuating immorality. And so, his song which he had invested heavily in was banned.

A rave is a large party or festival featuring performances by disc jockeys and occasionally live performers playing electronic music, particularly electronic dance music.

Earlier today, I reported just how badly KOT and commentors on our Youtube channel were going at Corazon Kwamboka like cats and dogs tied up in one gurney sack. And I had half expected Corazon to hide somewhere and wait till the storm blows over but she is having none of that! The tough as nails lass is responding to everything KOT are throwing her way.

What happens when you get ratchet nairobi girls on a phone call expressing nothing but thirst? Today's Big Breakfast conversation. Lyndah Nyangweso today was on one and she decided to let us in on her tip. Apparently, she has a friend who is happily in a clandestine affair and plays the role of mistress with no qualms whatsoever. And Lyndah Nyangweso is wondering whether that is the way to go.

Yesterday I came across a video of Corazon Kwamboka doing a rather bizarre dance for the cameras in nothing more than her knickers. I wasn't impresed. Neither was I bemused and it seems like Kenyans were also feeling cheated. And from the comments they left on our comment section and on twitter, there was no love lost. Check out the comments below:

While trawling the internets for stories for you and yours, i came across a very interesting picture put up by my friend Joe Muchiri... Very interesting indeed. Especially given that a man noticed this fact. Well, when Vera met Davido, he was standing. Twice.
His uhm... member. Bleurgh! And for the record I lost at "Rock Paper Scissors" so I have to do this piece.

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