Nwasante Khasiani (Writer)

Nwasante Khasiani (Writer)

Uncle Chim Tuna strikes again! Hopefully I will not leave an unhappy family in my wake but a man must do what a man must do even if it's across the border -and here I am referring to Nameless, not me. My two women are in Kenya happily coexisting because I am that African man!

On Saturday night, as usual, or rather as has become my norm once again, I was out and about. Seeing as I am in the twilight years of my party days, I figured I needed to change my pace and head out to someplace convenient for my old self.

I don't often borrow things from Capital Fm's website. I mean, why should I? I am Uncle Chim Tuna and we are Ghafla. However, once in a while, they have something I cannot help but borrow. Such this video in which Amina Abdi, the Cushite cutey that carried DJ John Rabar's child was talking about the type of men I work with, men who find pregnant women sexy.

Last week, there were two stories that broke out about Jaguar; one of Kenya's most prolific singers. One was about a video that came out in which he along with some of Kenya's most reknown and infamous youthful politicians were talking nonsense and the other story was about a series of photos of his wedding.

My word!

I am neither Bogonko Bosire (who is still missing) nor am I Roy Kohadha Ogalla (may the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace) and I am not bullet proof.

Thank God Almighty she shaved! I would hate to have ogled at photos of a lingerie shoot where the beaver was still furry! Bleurgh! no, really, think about it. But not too long.
Anyway, Pendo has been making moves on the downlow shooting what appears to be a reality show but she still found time to take off all her clothes.

The Lord sure did work overtime when he created some of these lasses! No really, some lasses look like they were created in the dead on night right before the good Lord clocked out -and I know you can relate to what I am saying if you are a creative. If you aren't then ask a creative.

This week could not have been an easy week for one of Kenya's best music producers, Kevin Provoke who was earlier in the week accused of sexual harassment and outright coercion/rape by some of the female artists he has worked with. But the lad opted for a very classy way of responding to the allegations.

I dropped out of university. My mother recently asked me whether I regretted my decision to drop out of university and the honest answer for me, my truth, Uncle Chim Tuna's truth is "No!".
Working at Ghafla with Baba Ghafla has afforded me more opportunities than I would ever have had if I had a degree.

The photos first appeared on the Pulse magazine. And then, they begun to trickle online and that is when they first begun to cause a proper stir. Actually, you would be forgiven for not knowing what I am prattling about because honestly, people only read the free weekly pullout value add to the Friday edition of The Standard magazine to read Tony Mochama/Smitta Smitten.

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