Kenyans... We be clowning ourselves all the time for ridiculous names. "Gas Cooker Owang'" "Cosmasina Needpeace Atieno" "Goodwell Barack Obama" "Goal Post Atieno" "Larry King Live Oyugi". Wait till you get a look at the Hotshots' names.

BBA Fans wil be pleased to know that a new Big Brother house has been found in Johannesburg, South Africa following the devastating fire that demolished the original house on 2 September.This is according to the show's producers M-Net and Endemol SA

Wednesday, 03 September 2014 09:32

More Photos From the Blazing Big Brother House


Big Brother Africa Hotshots came to an abrupt stop when a hazardous flame burn through the house the contestants were supposed to be staying in.

BBA has been cancelled due to a fire. Here is the statement straight from M-NET:


It is a garment that almost everyone uses but talked about in a hush-hush as most of the people are not comfortable speaking about them.

The BBA competition is around the corner and many are wondering who will represent Kenya in the biggest reality show in Africa.

Africa's biggest and widely watched reality TV series is back! Yes Big Brother Africa season 9 is here and the auditions for Kenyan will be going down this Wednesday (3rd) and Thursday (4th) at The Hilton Hotel.  Well, it's up for the judges to decide who'll represent Kenya this time round, but after discussion with the team, we came up with a list of 5 personalities we would love to see in the house come 7 September 2014, simply cause they have the personality and will definitely keep conversation going on.


Fame definitely has its perks, the great deals, free stuff and the awesome endorsements from big companies.

A bunch of fat chicks did the right thing and lost weight, celebs among them. Well, if you liked the fat-to-fit transformations on Marya, you may like the same on this next celeb.


There are those dresses and skirts that when ladies wear, they know what will happen. People (read men) will ogle and some even whistle because they are simply too revealing and makes them stand out in a crowd.

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