Thought Bahati and Willy Paul were the only bigwigs who were brought up in Mathare? Well the president of their neighborhood is back on limelight.

He has been out of the game for a while now. But the once shinning Ghetto President is out to reclaim his lost glory.

One time gospel heavyweight, Eko Dydda, is once again making headlines after he buried his face somewhere in the Sahara desert!

Like sand in an hour glass, the gospel industry was once streaming with artists from all walks of Kenya, who were committed to spreading the word via gospel music. To some, unfortunately the spotlight faded out on them and whether they are making efforts to come out of the darkness or not is still a puzzle.

Monday, 12 May 2014 10:02

5 Top Collabos We'd Love to See


We all have artistes we’d love to see make a record together because one, their music has had a huge impact on the audience and two, we think they might do something that will shock (either way) all of us.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014 15:23

Here Are Kenya's Best 10 Performing Artistes

Am talking about the artiste who when he gets on stage, the crowd gets alive due to artiste's energy on stage and prowess on stage performance. Here are the 10 artistes who their fans can never sleep or leave during their performance;   (LIST NOT IN ORDER)

Eko Dydda is my absolute favourite Kenyan rapper because of his CRAZY innovative flow.

He has that kind of energy that can only be rivaled by an energizer bunny on a few cans of Red Bull and steroids.Whether it is in his video,or in a  performance,the unique staggering dance fused with the energy makes him a visual feast.

Thursday, 06 June 2013 11:11

Eko Dydda Back With a New Spanking Video

Ladies and 'ghettomen', your boy Eko Dydda is back with a brand new video poised to become huge like its predecessors. This is the second video that the Ghetto President is unleashing this year after doing You Are The Reason with Churchill and Imke.

Thursday, 30 May 2013 08:00

Eko Dydda & Jay A On Yet Another First

They have given us some of the biggest tracks in the music industry since their takeoff and they seem to stop at nothing to revolunationalize the industry. Though Eko Dydda and Jay A come from different music divides; Gospel and secular respectively, their impact in Kenyan music cannot be disregarded.

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