After the "break up" was announced, fans were in a state of delirium. many asked us to tell them that it wasn't so. That Kenya's first truly superstar group was calling it a day to pursue such mundane things as degrees? Calm your tits lad, I'm being sarcastic!

Subsahara Entertainment Ltd yesterday presented the collaboration of the year courtesy of Kanyeria, Kus_Ma, Shappa Man, Thee MC Africa, M.anifest and Kanja with their smash hit, Look At Me.

THE JUIWEEZ: Davido is headlining the festival that kicks off festival season in Kenya. And what better way to get to know him than finding out all the scoop you need? So, I picked up a few stories from your favorite lunatic (who probably has a poster of Davido in his bathroom, #truth) and here is what you absolutely MUST know about Davido.

Camp Mulla and Collo were recently shooting the video to their new single "Chafua" and boy did our Vincent have a blast! According to Vince, this was the video shoot of the year! The Camp Mulla team lived up to their billing as a fun crowd and they really let loose!

That's the first line of the chorus to her latest track. And she somehow lives to that because this new release elicits her growth in music. This comes just days after her former Camp Mulla member, K Cous, dropped a new single.

I just got my mitts on some brand new music from K'Cous called "Tutti Frutti" That I am about to share with yopu shortly but for now let me tell you a thing or two about the track.

With all the back and forth that has been engaged in by pundits and fans alike, I feel it's time to clear the air for once and for all. Now the question is, are Camp Mulla breaking up? Yes or no?

Camp Mulla dropped the audio to their previous single "ALL IN," a few weeks ago, which you can download here:

Wednesday, 22 May 2013 07:50

Let this Be Known about Camp Mulla

Camp Mulla is arguably Kenya’s most sensational teen music group across the board, not just in hip-hop. However, there has been so much negative energy channeled towards the group most recently which, in my opinion, is quite unmerited. So, the group’s recording stable, Sub Sahara Entertainment has taken to clear the air about certain issues surrounding the group.

Wondering how the MTV Africa All Stars tour went?

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