In Kenya, Radio Royalties is how Kenyan musicians make their bread. The Royalties  are drawn from media houses such as Royal media Services , Radio Africa group , Standard Group , Nation media group , Media Max , Kalee ltd , KBC , Biblia Husema and Radio Kaya amongst others.

Nice faces indeed harbor a lot of umbrage and affront. Not until someone really opens up about what they have gone through in life that you will be able to really get the real picture of the happenings. This, one celebrated media personality knows too well after learning a bitter lesson.

A hollow-eyed, feeble Mzee Ojwang was rescued by Sonko’s rescue team recently and we could not help but flinch in embarrassment.

She announces her presence a mile away. With her imposing smile that  gives you little fluttering butterflies at the pit of your stomach. Audrey is one fine lady, she has made it clear that she is changing the way we "view socialites" allow me to laugh at this. hahahahahahahaha. Okay, now here is a moral goddess who is out to clean up the mess that the Kenyan Socialites left behind, the gooey  reputation, the myriad of broken hearts and  a new slew of "prostitution allegations" 

Kathy Kiuna and Allan Kiuna are preacher royalty.

As a celebrity there are a lot of demons that you battle with; loneliness, cyber trolls, critics, overnight success and the fact that this industry can eat you alive. Addiction is a condition that has afflicted countless A-listers—from former child stars to socialites to talented musicians to news anchors.

So all these pretty ladies who like to be labelled the well decorated word ‘socialites’ are actually expensive call girls? You can now call them that derogatory word ‘prostitute’ without fear because we have evidence to show they are indeed hookers.

Ever wondered how Vera afforded a BMW X5 and a magnificent Mercedes convertible, 50 Million for a skin bleaching procedure and a 450,000 weave with no job? Is it her mysterious Nigerian boyfriend or is she just high class call girl masquerading as a socialite?

Monday, 16 March 2015 10:48

Nation F.M's Hires Tony Gachoka


Not content in being in the shadows for so long, paying second to its unrelenting competitors,  Nation F.M is coming for the coveted glass slipper.

Monday, 16 March 2015 09:45

Channel O Shuts Down!

As a child of the 90’s or mid 80’s we grew up listening to Channel O, which launched in the early 1990s.

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