News that Vera Sidika was languishing in poverty hit many like a wrecking ball.

A multitude of movie buffs turned up recently at IMAX theatres in Nairobi for the premiere of ‘The Transporter Refuelled’.

He looks so sweet and innocent, but behind closed doors…Chipukeezy is really freaky.

Owago Onyiro teetered into the limelight by pushing the envelope and cracking jokes that were too hot for TV. Jokes so dirty, that his clips were often blue-penciled from the main clips for having language that should not be broadcastbefore the watershed on TV.

 Kenyans are known to have big hearts .Hearts so big that they give generously when it comes those in need. Despite all our differences, we unite to help the sick, fight for justice or feed those in drought or war-stricken areas.

In 2013, a segment of well-known journalists poached by K24 from various media houses most notably Citizen TV got fired.

Jackson Ngechu Makini a.k.a CMB Prezzo missed the $300,000 (Ksh24 million) bounty by a hair's breadth when he made it to the final two in Africa’s biggest reality TV show Big Brother Africa.

Recently, Twitter 'bigwig' and blogger Cyprian Nyakundi(@c_nyakundi) has found himself in the hottest of waters.

Many know him as a popular Facebook figure and thanks to his controversial political updates and thanks to a Citizen TV expose last night many know him for something rather unsavory, they know him as a rapist.

She will become the blushing bride in about a month, but that has not stopped Betty Kyalo from kicking some behinds.

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