Kenyans are a funny lot, capable of aping accents left, right and center- Whether it is a posh British accent, faked American lingo,the Irish brogue. Kenyans are always looking for ways to look cooler than the commoners. Here are the ten with most notable accents.

They have all made a name for themselves in various fields. Some of them are acclaimed actors, others popular D.Js and others certified hit makers.

A socialite was fairly an unknown dimension 3 years ago, Or shall we say unexplored? That was before Vera Sidika and her colossal booty came to be, with Huddah, Corazon and Risper Faith hot at her heels. They brought with them a fascination that had hitherto not been explored, the phenom that is the human body.. the female body, the curves,  the titties and the gigantic booty. Overtime, socialites have encroached our social life, they have become the cool... But four of them in a country of 20 million taxpayers is not enough, we need a full house... 210 Socialites ... Parliament Style.. I am appointing myself speaker. 


Big Brother Africa is not a place where you go expecting to find love, you expect fun, controversy and hopefully the money, but love is rarely on your mind.


Otonglo Boy first burst into the limelight when he left the president in stitches thanks to his well presented and extremely hilarious narrative.

It’s common knowledge that Brenda Wairimu and Juliani are extremely enigmatic when it comes to their relationship in fact the only way we knew they were dating is thanks to a paparazzi who spilled the beans on the two.

The Kenyan police recently offered 20 Million Kshs for a Madrassa teacher believed to be the mastermind behind the grotesque Garissa University attack .

Mother's Day may be long gone but we thought we'd take a moment to salute all the celebrity single moms out there.

Top Ten Kenyan Celebrities With The Best Nyonyos! Kwanza Number 2!

Thursday, 18 June 2015 16:33

End Of An Era: M.O.G Is No More

At one point or another bands and groups break-up and now gospel music unit M.O.G (Men Of God) are splitting up.

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