Kenya’s leading TV station, Citizen TV, seems to be heading for a major shake-up as the top management at the SK Macharia owned television station earlier in the week discussed promotions for some key managers at the station.

Prezzo is a man who has been around the world and Africa looking for love. Sometimes he finds it only to realize that it was a mirage. Othertimes, he misses it altogether but he has never lost the psych to look for his true love. And even when the relationship turns sour, his exes stay thirsting for him.

As you are all aware, Citizen TV’s Lulu Hssan recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Pint-sized Chidinma has without a doubt one of the prettiest faces in the world, that girl is just drop-dead gorgeous.

In May when we first reported that Jamaican dancehall reggae artist, Glendale Goshia Gordon, better known by his stage name Busy Signal, is coming to Kenya, most people thought we were just pulling their legs.

Having been in the industry for a couple of years, talented and witty comedian, TV/ Radio host and singer (yes, he sings too) Obinna Ike Igwe has seen a lot and it has been bothering him a great deal. He finally decided to get of his (Nigerian) chest.

He writes;

I see artists and performers even comedians (WE CALL THEM ENTERTAINERS) selling themselves short and settling for something less every other day!! Thats Stupid!!

It goes something like this;
…Phone rings...
Hello? Is this "Obinna"? We are calling you for an event and our budget is tight. (EVERYBODYS BUDGET IS TIGHT) How much are we talking about? 50k...oh realy? Am game. When is the event??

That's stupid. You people stop selling yourself short and destroying the market for other Valuable commodities. It all works like this on every humans head, “If I can get "Obinna 1" for 50k why would I buy "Obinna 2" for 100k??”

And for the clients live your limit and if you can't afford me kindly don't call me and tell me how tight your budget is..we all got bills to pay. I won't settle for less so if you call me kindly be sure you can afford me. Or call me and ask me for the phone numbers of the other cheap performers I'll kindly give you.

Another thing. Entertainers...Don't be called and told if Obinna takes 5k why can't you take 6k and you rush for it. Don't lower your standard just for the other IDIOT who doesn't know their level.
And for clients don't call me as the Last resort. Every Entertainer wants to be treated and the only one. Never pull the stunt of We Called "Obinna 1" and he couldn't make it so we decided to call you "Obinna 2" so just come. That's Immature.
Artists if you hate the other person simply don't talk about them. Shut up and mind your business coz in the end when you talk bad about each other you are crippling yourselves. Rem...YOU WANNA TRAVEL FAR TRAVEL IN NUMBERS!!
This is a message to all the Entertainers out there. You want to be appreciated?? Then start by appreciating yourself first SmartAss!!!!!!

Kenya performers are very deadly but they never blow up big outside why?? You kill them.
You do interview for international acts all along and you can't bring local people??
You Air international shows over 15 hours. ..5hours news and adverts and a day only has 24hours SERIOUSLY???


ALL DJs play a set of 10mins on TV and 8MINS you were mixing international music how do you expect this KENYAN ARTIST to blow up???
You Got international recorgnition why can't you play Local content for the world to realize there is something they need to add from your home country?? iDIOT!!

..struggling so hard to sound like TIMBERLAND Nigga appreciate your culture!! ANTS ARE SO SMALL BUT THEY KEEP PERSISTING ON WHAT THEY DO AND END UP WITH AN ANT HILL!!
Don't just record artistes for money. Record something you would be proud to hear people ask "which studio did you record at again??"
And stop killing morale of artists by keeping their songs for too long until the trend changes.

And for the FANS!!
This is what happens..
Who has a new song? ? Let's download on YouTube and convert to MP4 and MP3 for do you want our Artists to grow??

ITS TIME YOU SUPPORT BY downloading the song on @mdundomusic for a few shillings abeg and let the artist you love manage to pay his or her Bills.

I see very many artists live a lie...On TV and Radio they talk big but they don't even have a Single house that they can pay rent for 10k every month and it's not coz they aren't working hard enough it's coz of  PIRACY.

This is just my opinion. If you choose to read it, understand it.

After reading it continue living your life like nothing is wrong but if you are an entertainer, artist, or fan or media change starts with you!!

Rem even fermented milk is loved by many but truth it it’s Rotten!!

A section of Gospel artistes have been dogged by controversy for various reasons, because like the rest of us, they are human.

Last Sunday, The Aftermath Modelling Agency had a photo shoot at the Arboretum, Nairobi, and all was well until a gang of armed robbers emerged from the woods wielding guns and threatening the models.

While most were either going home to sleep after a night of debauchery or waking up and getting ready to go to church, some Kenyans were being welcomed by the state as guests in it's five star accommodation at Central police station. Their crime? Getting caught at a gay bar.


Citizen TV screen siren, Janet Mbugua, is officially off the shelf guys and will soon walk down the aisle. The enchanting TV anchor got engaged last week to the man of her dreams.

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