There has been complains over the past stretch of years on the issue of security at the institution, yesterday as news of  the gory murder rent the air,a blog by Robert Alai dug into  history and  the shocking story, the disturbing details of a hooded killer used to  prey on innocent campus girls, they had even nicknamed him mashoka, loosely translated as "Axe-man" -He was known as the hooded figure that hacked his victims to death after molesting them. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015 18:27

BREAKING NEWS: Maisha Magic Shuts Down

Its been barely a year, but M-Net has decided to shut down one of their Maisha Magic channels in East Africa.

Hollywood celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron have confessed that most of the producers they worked with before they made it to the big league offered a role in exchange for a quickie.


The annual ranking of universities is out and I promise you, you will be surprised by the Kenyan universities in the list and those ones that were not included in this year’s list.

It’s been a little bit quite at the Sonko forte, zero drama, that was until yesterday.

The Member of parliament was shot dead on the wee hours of this morning by a lone gunman wielding an AK47, It is reported that the member of parliament was dropping off his  2 guards at the GPO when his car was shot at. 

Thursday, 05 February 2015 16:30

Robert Alai Arrested. Again!

Perennial noise maker, Robert Alai is once again a guest of the state. The controversial blogger has been taken in custody a few minutes ago.

All jokes aside, the fact that Nairobi Aviation College has been operating for 16 years without accreditation and no one even batted an eyelid till now is a bit scary and sad .


James Karuri is a smartass, probably too smart for his age, the other thing you need to know about him is that he is a con, a Serious con at that. He is also very witty,He owns an IT company called Mambo Creative, where he creates imaginary websites for real people, the real people are unhappy that he has been asking for money for services he doesn't offer! James Karuri was featured on K24's young rich,where he spoke at length and declared that he is worth 400 million! Despite being worth that "much" James has perfected the art of con-artistry, below here are the tales of James and how like a spider, he tells innocent flies (read clients), "welcome to my lair"

 The Complainant in this Case is is Nyatichi Gesare, a 23 three year -old innocent Kenyan girl with the whole world to conquer, She was unluckily  swindled 350,000 by James Karuri.  The young woman met James Karuri in 2013 where she contracted him to create a website for her, she was asked to pay a down payment of 160k which was equal to 80% which she paid promptly, a month later, James was yet to keep his end of the bargain. After much prompting, he agreed to finish the task within the shortest time possible, He never did. 

Six months later he was yet to deliver on something he had been paid to do. When Gesare contacted him and demanded a refund, he scheduled a meeting with her at the Java TRM where he continued to barrage her with endless explanations why he hadn't delivered six months later. With a little convincing, Gesare Cleared the balance owed to James after James promised yet again that he would finish up the website by the week's end. 

One year later, Gesare received a substandard website with a back end that she couldn't even use. Her attempts at calling James hit rock-bottom after he chose to ignore all her calls. She made her way to Jame's office, and demanded an explanation, James ended up pulling down her website. 

When she again requested that James give her files of the website, he demanded for 9k in order to get the shoddy website online again. 

 It is 2015, Gesare will have to start her life all over again other than living her dream.James walks on, head-held high. paid in full for something he didn't deliver anyway.

Even his wife quite agrees that the husband is difficult to deal with. 


I called James up for his side of the story, He promised to get back and he did, he told me in one long email how Gesare had "diva demands' and kept insisting that he change the templates. I followed his argument and like you will find below, he was contracted to do business that he didn't do until one year later, And when he did, his service was below par. He therefore owes the complainant 300k as a refund for services  not rendered. 

The long  winded story of their exchanges can be found here 

Here are some of the invoices  that record the monetary exchanges .. I'll skip the others because they contain personal information. 







A few days ago I received a call from a man who Identified himself as Julius, He told me that he had seen the story we had done about Gloria Muliro's Ex Husband.  He said that the article that detailed the kind of man that Eric was was true and that he had more Information to divulge about Spotlight media, A recording studio in Madaraka that is Currenttly owned by Pastor Eric Omba. 

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