One of the world’s biggest names in the music business was in the country recently.

Size 8 and Willy Paul are newbies in the gospel industry but within the short time they have been active, they have  become insanely successful .


Worn-down, frazzled,hefty and in a cream turtle neck and beige jacket, Louis Otieno is a shocking shadow of his former self.

BBA has been cancelled due to a fire. Here is the statement straight from M-NET:

Munene Nyaga has officially joined the increasing number of celebrity parents.

You may not know her face well, but you can recognize her voice. Her name is Evelyn Wambui and she is one of the top news reporters from award-winning station Citizen TV.She covers the human interest stories.

My word!

I am neither Bogonko Bosire (who is still missing) nor am I Roy Kohadha Ogalla (may the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace) and I am not bullet proof.

We non-celebrities can get away with riding a boda boda, getting caught without make up ,sharing your drunk unflattering ‘Drunk In Love ‘rendition on Instagram and enjoying a heated outburst or shade-throwing on Twitter.

Boda Bodas are a convenient sources of transport for many Kenyans me being one of them.

On 29th April 2014, Eric Omondi’s page was hacked but he managed to get back his  from the hackers,but not without parting with a hefty sum of money.

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