Prezzo is one of the biggest ballers in the entertainment scene. He cemented his position as one of the biggest ballers back in the day when he took a chopper ride to hop the fence from Wilson to Carnivore and that is the stuff of legend. Since then however, he has been put to the test attempting to hold onto his throne as king of bling by the likes of Jaguar.

Colonel Moustapha and Prezzo have one thing in common; Huddah. Though that is just about where the similarities end. Colonel does a different brand of music and Prezzo is "on to the next one" so far as Huddah is concerned. Actually, he has been on the next one for a minute now.

Prezzo is just that guy. He is the type of lad who has everyone talking about him as he pays them no mind, carrying on with his business. And that is exactly the tip he's on. He was recently out shopping with a mystery woman at the Thika Road Mall. A fan of both Prezzo's and Ghafla's happened across him while he was on his errand and sent us these photos:

Yesterday, the only other writer I rate, Jeff Omondi got wind of the bile put on social media b y Nyota Ndogo about Colonel Moustapha's now very public relationship with Huddah. The relationship that a weekly entertainment rag decided was a publicity stunt. And since then, this has been one very wild ride -a bit like riding a hurricane that thinks it's a ballerina.

Last year, Prezzo lost his lady love, leading lady and muse Goldie Harris to circumstance -Goldie died from a hypertensive heart disease and a brilliantly life was indeed cut short. However, before she died, she had been working on songs and they are finally coming out. One project that is getting to see the light of day is a collaboration she enlisted Nigerian superstar J. Martins for titled "Give It To Me".

Their love affair was public and sadly, so was the fall-out. Everything about their affair was public: from declarations of love to spiteful messages.  My colleague Sue Watiri picked up on all that noise and hullabaloo.

Doing collabos is good for artist's music career.More often than not most collabos come out way better than the original songs. We’ve already seen the ‘Dumbala Remix’, the biggest collabo this year but now yet another collabo is in the offing.

Earlier in the week, Ogopa’s Supasta Baby One posted a photo of himself with Prezzo and only said, “expect big tings dis year no jokes...” and in another photo, “big tune comin soon”, all indications that these two are about to hit the studio together.

Check out;



Baby One seems to have set his eyes on his music career this year considering he’s fresh from dropping a new video;


Long before Jackson Ngechu was Prezzo, long before he could afford to live a life filled with enormous fortunes and unbelievable extravagance ,way before he got caught up in melodramatic Social media drama with ex-lovers, he was just like most of us back then, cute and innocent.


After a dramatic ‘break up’ that played out to all and sundry in public (read Instagram), Kenya’s bad boy, Prezzo and his Tanzanian chic, Chagga Barbie AKA Stella seem to have kissed and made up. Earlier in the week, Chagga Barbie posted an old photo of herself with the Kenyan bad boy during their happier days.


Well, love is insanity. The ancient Greeks knew that. It is the taking over of a rational and lucid mind by delusion and self-destruction. You lose yourself, you have no power over yourself, you can't even think straight."

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