Prezzo, government names Jackson (Jaheim) Makini, was studying to be a pilot before the music bug bit him. That however doesn't mean that he lost his passion for flying crafts -a passion I cannot understand given that I am scared of flying. And that passion seems to be opening strange yet blessed doors for him as he usually gets to ride up front with the captain.

Friday, 16 May 2014 08:01

Prezzo Gets To Fly A Plane (PHOTO)

For those of you who do not know, Prezzo, government names Jackson (Jaheim) Makini was a pilot in the making before he decided that he wanted to pursue music. So when I saw a picture of his flight back from Tanzania, it came as no surprise that he has a fascination with aeroplanes and he can actually fly them -though I am not sure he got his commercial pilot's license.

Being a celebrity means having an enjoyable, pleasurable and comfortable life like El Presidente revealed today.

Jaguar is one of the hottest acts in East Africa. And if anyone tells you different, slap them and tell them God's Chosen Blogger is infallible! I said Jaguar is one of the hottest acts in East Africa and if you don't believe me, just check how much he commands per show and how packed his shows get.

Prezzo's new catch has been making heads turn and with good reason: the light skinned Cameroonian lass is quite the looker. But I will not chew your ear off with long stories and long winded explanations. Just check her our below:

Since her booty-full manifestation in Prezzo’ new video ‘My girl’ rumors have been spinning  and twirling  that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Miss Vera Sidika and Prezzo.

Everyone starts from somewhere. Some start from the top others, most of us, the start line is right at the bottom. Some like Drake started at the top but want you to feel better about your situation. Vera Sidika started from the bottom. And for that, she will always have my respect! She started right at the bottom but used her head to get ahead.

They might have spent their high school days on the basketball court playing a game they love most, maybe wanting to go pro in hoops but went on to pursue different careers.

Prezzo is just that guy! He has always managed to pop up with very attractive lasses in tow. But on this one he has pulled quite the coup de tat by getting the sworn enemy of one of his former lovers. the lass in question is Huddah Monroe and the lass she has sworn never to get along with is none other than Vera Sidika.

While trawling the internets for stories for you and yours, i came across a very interesting picture put up by my friend Joe Muchiri... Very interesting indeed. Especially given that a man noticed this fact. Well, when Vera met Davido, he was standing. Twice.
His uhm... member. Bleurgh! And for the record I lost at "Rock Paper Scissors" so I have to do this piece.

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