Prezzo is just that guy! He has always managed to pop up with very attractive lasses in tow. But on this one he has pulled quite the coup de tat by getting the sworn enemy of one of his former lovers. the lass in question is Huddah Monroe and the lass she has sworn never to get along with is none other than Vera Sidika.

While trawling the internets for stories for you and yours, i came across a very interesting picture put up by my friend Joe Muchiri... Very interesting indeed. Especially given that a man noticed this fact. Well, when Vera met Davido, he was standing. Twice.
His uhm... member. Bleurgh! And for the record I lost at "Rock Paper Scissors" so I have to do this piece.


Vera Sidika is, beyond a iota of a doubt, one of the most bustluscious and bootylicious divas of our time. Part of the reason she attracts love and hate in an almost equal measure.

Thursday, 10 April 2014 12:17

Prezzo when He was Still Struggling (PHOTO)

While there are approximately 1 million jobs that are more difficult than being a struggling entertainer, there are few that seem as depressing and demoralizing. Entertainers are constantly forced to put on a smile and head out to shows where they will face near-certain rejection.

A performing artist involved in dance, acting and fashion, Jacky Vike has cemented her name as one of the most sought after actress in the industry thanks to her exemplary performance in Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula and Nairobi Half Life.

Back in the day, back before I was old enough to go to Sarit Centre on my own (our househelp would accompany us), I was a little yob with a durag and godawful "bling bling". But back then, life was simple. i was a mall rat and so were my friends. And it was duiring my simpler days that I met Prezzo. Back then, he was marketing his album "Naleta Action".

Prezzo is the undisputed king of bling. Nay, he has alot of contenders for the title going in for his crown with legitimate claims. But this isn't about them. This is about Prezzo. And his shoes worth 84,000+ shillings. And before the internets delude sneaker aficionados begin to attempt to school me on the cost, do some proper research.


Chagga Barbie, better known as Prezzo’s Tanzanian ex was recently spotted with one of Africa’s fastest rising talents, Davido.

The first time they teamed up it was for a Calif produced track "Vile Tafanya" which also featured Jua Cali. But back then, things were simple. Simple times, simple friendships. Then like everything else, the situation evolved. And since then, it has been difficult to so much as spot the two friends together.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014 09:01

Prezzo's Tanzanian Ex Bereaved

You know Diva Loveness as the woman in Prezzo’s life before Chagga Barbie and after the late Goldie Harvey.The lass has clearly moved on after Prezzo for she was expecting a baby with one guy by the name Crazy GK.

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