It is common knowledge that Prezzo’s relationships with his women never end well.


The one and only Prezzo seem not to be digesting well the information circulating round the social media about him having a thing for socialite Vanessa Chettle but more pieces of the puzzle continue flowing even adding more speculation to the whole saga.

Here is the thing, if you are going to release a diss track, make sure is popping, its hard hitting, make sure it’s so dope that the people being dissed will bow down to the greatness that is your diss track.

Thursday, 14 August 2014 15:19

Prezzo And Vanessa Chettle Dating (EVIDENCE)

I was searching for information to write up today and I stumbled across quite the gem. What am I yammering about? Well, none other than the fact that Vanessa Chettle and Prezzo have been spotted together getting ever so cosy. What do I mean that they have been spotted together? Well, early last moth, reports started leaking that Prezzo was seeing someone aye?

Prezzo is one of Kenya's most talented rappers and he has managed to remain relevant all through the years as many of his peers fell off and vanished into the abyss of "sahau". But not Prezzo. He also managed to get to the Big Brother house and made it all the way to the finals, no mean feat indeed!

My colleague has a dirty mind! I swear! The lad came across a picture I was looking at and jumped to conclusions. When I look at said photo, I just see Prezzo chilling with his bae. Nothing more, nothing less. But lad is convinced that this is one of those post coitus photos lads take.

There is nothing quite like a Tanzanian Kenyan musical collaboration. We have seen very successful collaborations take place in the past such as AY and Amani, Ommy Dimpoz,Diamond and Victoria Kimani and Ray-C  -French boy.

The last time I heard about Prezzo's ex, Chagga Barbvie, the Tanzanian beauty was attacking Huddah and Prezzo savagely. That was then. I actually believed -erroneously it seemed- that her best verbal attacks were spent up when she attacked huddah but it would seem I was wrong! She has torn Vera Sidika, Huddah's nemesis, a new one!

Prezzo is a man who has been around the world and Africa looking for love. Sometimes he finds it only to realize that it was a mirage. Othertimes, he misses it altogether but he has never lost the psych to look for his true love. And even when the relationship turns sour, his exes stay thirsting for him.

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