There is nothing quite like a Tanzanian Kenyan musical collaboration. We have seen very successful collaborations take place in the past such as AY and Amani, Ommy Dimpoz,Diamond and Victoria Kimani and Ray-C  -French boy.

The last time I heard about Prezzo's ex, Chagga Barbvie, the Tanzanian beauty was attacking Huddah and Prezzo savagely. That was then. I actually believed -erroneously it seemed- that her best verbal attacks were spent up when she attacked huddah but it would seem I was wrong! She has torn Vera Sidika, Huddah's nemesis, a new one!

Prezzo is a man who has been around the world and Africa looking for love. Sometimes he finds it only to realize that it was a mirage. Othertimes, he misses it altogether but he has never lost the psych to look for his true love. And even when the relationship turns sour, his exes stay thirsting for him.

Sometimes celebrities try to connect with their fans and it ends up badly. Robin Thicke was recently on this tip when he took to twitter in an attempt to talk to his fans only for them to lampoon him on the handle he created #AskThicke. It seems Prezzo is learning this lesson aswell albeit the lot trolling him are doing so mildly.

Prezzo is one of the most popular artists around so when I saw and heard this track, it didn't strike me as strange. The track in question is titled "Money In The Bank and was done by an artist called Klimax Skims and he featured Jameel. The track is a trap tune made in the distinct Southern hiphop sound and feel to it with that Texan style called "chopped and screwed" used to manipulate the hook.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014 09:46

Meet Prezzo's Loving Father (PHOTO)

This is one in the mould of honouring a man posthumously. Why? Because he brought up one of Kenya's most prolific and talented artists. A rapper, an actor, an enterprenuer was born to Dr. Morris Makini who unfortunately passed on to glory. Dr. Makini along with "Malaika Mama" Bhoke Makini raised one of Kenya's most celebrated rappers.

Prezzo took to Instagram and showed off his expensive Christian Louboutin Studded Sneakers that he had worn at a meeting with General Defao.

I swear this is one corny movie but I loved every minute of it! And with good reason. this is where Kenya is headed to in terms of martial arts flicks and being a huge martial arts fan myself, I am so happy we have moved beyond soppy drama flicks that make as much sense as competing with Ghafla!

Prezzo, government names Jackson (Jaheim) Makini, was studying to be a pilot before the music bug bit him. That however doesn't mean that he lost his passion for flying crafts -a passion I cannot understand given that I am scared of flying. And that passion seems to be opening strange yet blessed doors for him as he usually gets to ride up front with the captain.

Friday, 16 May 2014 08:01

Prezzo Gets To Fly A Plane (PHOTO)

For those of you who do not know, Prezzo, government names Jackson (Jaheim) Makini was a pilot in the making before he decided that he wanted to pursue music. So when I saw a picture of his flight back from Tanzania, it came as no surprise that he has a fascination with aeroplanes and he can actually fly them -though I am not sure he got his commercial pilot's license.

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