They say that when it rains it pours, and this adage is 100% true and when it comes to the media scene right now, we are experiencing a downpour of Budalangi proportions.


Media shake-ups happen from time to time, but Ghetto Radio will definitely take the cake thanks to the major overhaul set to take place during the coming weeks.

Maji Maji recognized that she had talent about 3 years ago, picked her to host a show on Ghetto Radio and since then Ester Kagamba has never looked back.



Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. These are words from Siddhārtha Gautama a.k.a Buddha the sage on whose wisdom Buddhism was founded.

Yesterday, Annitah Raey commonly known by her pseudo name Robin Raey got a rude shock yesterday when she reported to work and was handed a ‘you are fired’ letter.

What is really going down in Ghetto Radio? Just recently, Bonoko got fired for allegedly being ‘from the streets’ and now another presenter has been fired.


I have been to Radio Africa once last year,when i won 2000/= shillings on Xfm with Nadia Favre, That place is in one of the poshiest Nairobi districts, it is so intimidating, it gives you goosebumps, Well i really don't like Radio Africa- You know opinion, but there is another Station that i don't like for varied reasons. Ghetto Radio!!
1. Its in one of those places that scream..ooooh, look at me! im so derelict i need some paint so desperately you, know, a radio station ought stand out, it ought be imposing, it ought be different from a beer den at kiamaiko! Okay i know the name 'ghetto' is suggestive, but you shouldn't have allowed it to go to your heads!!

2. The Staff is/are so un-cool, annti-social, i dont know who pushed their anti-people buttons, i walk there today because i'm following up on the Bonoko tale, someone gives me an attitude of a Nazi retard, she is un-cooperative, and fat, she refuses to talk to us and dismisses me and my colleague citing thats she has more important stuff to do-ok choke on a mike while at it!

What is honestly wrong with Nairobi women, especially when they are on that high social ladder, jana, a woman almost run me over, trip on the brakes lady! I almost think that life has a vendetta on me!!

Anyway here are the Ghetto Offices just incase you wondered. 


And You actually copied photos from our website by the way!! here is proof i was the one that took those photos at Cabanas!! Stop riding on my wave!! 


In their bid to become a nationwide radio station, the radio station has decided to recruit a new general manager to lead the radio for the planned countrywide reach.

There are clouds gathering over Ghetto radio. There are dark, ominous clouds a-gathering over the radio station and the bell seems to be tolling for the head of the station. Of whom do I speak? None other than Maji Maji. Reports just in from a source withing the station say some changes are afoot that will see the radio executive outed.

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