I have been to Radio Africa once last year,when i won 2000/= shillings on Xfm with Nadia Favre, That place is in one of the poshiest Nairobi districts, it is so intimidating, it gives you goosebumps, Well i really don't like Radio Africa- You know opinion, but there is another Station that i don't like for varied reasons. Ghetto Radio!!
1. Its in one of those places that scream..ooooh, look at me! im so derelict i need some paint so desperately you, know, a radio station ought stand out, it ought be imposing, it ought be different from a beer den at kiamaiko! Okay i know the name 'ghetto' is suggestive, but you shouldn't have allowed it to go to your heads!!

2. The Staff is/are so un-cool, annti-social, i dont know who pushed their anti-people buttons, i walk there today because i'm following up on the Bonoko tale, someone gives me an attitude of a Nazi retard, she is un-cooperative, and fat, she refuses to talk to us and dismisses me and my colleague citing thats she has more important stuff to do-ok choke on a mike while at it!

What is honestly wrong with Nairobi women, especially when they are on that high social ladder, jana, a woman almost run me over, trip on the brakes lady! I almost think that life has a vendetta on me!!

Anyway here are the Ghetto Offices just incase you wondered. 


And You actually copied photos from our website by the way!! here is proof i was the one that took those photos at Cabanas!! Stop riding on my wave!! 


In their bid to become a nationwide radio station, the radio station has decided to recruit a new general manager to lead the radio for the planned countrywide reach.

There are clouds gathering over Ghetto radio. There are dark, ominous clouds a-gathering over the radio station and the bell seems to be tolling for the head of the station. Of whom do I speak? None other than Maji Maji. Reports just in from a source withing the station say some changes are afoot that will see the radio executive outed.


Mostly known for her love of worship and praise through her radio show, the dashingly attractive Esther Kagamba has gone ahead to win awards after awards.


They say when you go to Rome do what the Romans do. And that’s exactly what ex-photo-activist, Boniface Mwangi has just done.


There are some things that we take for granted food, water, sanitary towels and a home; something which some people can only dream of.

As I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline the other day, I stumbled on something that utterly surprised me! A post on the Ghetto Radio Facebook Fan Page was discussing bedroom matters at 1:00pm. Below is example of one;


Ghetto Radio 89.5


During sex; who do you prefer to wear condom, male or female?

jiachilie... Batman n Robyn Raey

Further research revealed who the characters behind the radio mic discussing these matters are. They are Robin Raey (real names Annitah Gachau) and Batman (whose identity I'll reveal in my next post). Even though I expected there to be a backlash by Ghetto Radio fans due to the vulgarity of the show it seems that they have accepted it. The duo of Batman and Robin Raey are so popular that Maji Maji (the top dog at Ghetto Radio) moved them from the late night segment to the 12-2pm segment. 

Without further ado, meet Robin Raey, the girl who discusses sexual matters during your lunch hour;


                                       Robin in the middle

                                                trying a cute pose?


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The uptown market demanded it, and Ghetto radio has heard their cry.

Club Marabou is an executive club located on Uhuru Highway opposite Nyayo Stadium. The club has awesome lounge area with very comfortable seats.


The bartenders have you exotic palate taken care of with assorted cocktails to choose from...



For those who want to engage in a game on the billiard table, the club has them sorted


Join Ghetto Radio crew every Monday for an #ExecutiveReggaeMonday at Club Marabou. Experience executive treatment as you listen to the coolest roots and reggae from Dj Chara, Dj Prince, Dj Double Trouble and Dj Bling.


If you have money to burn and looking to relax while listening to the coolest roots and reggae music then join the Ghetto Radio crew as they officially launch #ExecutiveReggaeMonday at Club Marabou.
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