My word!

I am neither Bogonko Bosire (who is still missing) nor am I Roy Kohadha Ogalla (may the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace) and I am not bullet proof.

We non-celebrities can get away with riding a boda boda, getting caught without make up ,sharing your drunk unflattering ‘Drunk In Love ‘rendition on Instagram and enjoying a heated outburst or shade-throwing on Twitter.

Boda Bodas are a convenient sources of transport for many Kenyans me being one of them.

On 29th April 2014, Eric Omondi’s page was hacked but he managed to get back his  from the hackers,but not without parting with a hefty sum of money.

Renowned comedian Eric Omondi and Stylist Sylvia Njoki have been linked more often than a chain of Farmer’s Choice sausages.

The public over-expression of outrage over Blaqy’s new video ‘Shake Your Money Maker’ inspired this article.


We had announced earlier on that one of Citizen’s finest (in terms of brilliance and looks) Janet Mbugua was engaged.

Thursday, 14 August 2014 15:19

Prezzo And Vanessa Chettle Dating (EVIDENCE)

I was searching for information to write up today and I stumbled across quite the gem. What am I yammering about? Well, none other than the fact that Vanessa Chettle and Prezzo have been spotted together getting ever so cosy. What do I mean that they have been spotted together? Well, early last moth, reports started leaking that Prezzo was seeing someone aye?


When news of the death of Esther Arunga's son filtered into Kenya's media thanks to Kahawa Tungu sorry, I mean Robert Alai, the country was shocked. No stranger to controversy ever since joining what many believe to have been a cult called "Finger Of God", to her estrangement with her mother and father. However, the death of her young toddler was quite a shocking blow.

The Kenyan TV and Film industry is yet again in mourning after the demise of one of the veteran TV actors.

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