Smart Joker is mourning the death of his 6 weeks old baby boy.

Daniel Weke plays a charming adorable actor named Arthur from NTV’s hit show Mali. News reaching us is that the actor has been met with a tragedy.

Death has struck a top Kenyan celebrity robbing him of his father.

Kenyans were once described as Africa’s “Most Ugliest” people, but we forgave them because the people who wrote the said article came from a point of ignorance. It’s clear that the person who wrote it had clearly not set foot in Kenya.

Friday, 21 November 2014 10:02

EABL Causes A Storm In The Kenyan Market


Thank God it’s Friday, and what better way to enjoy the start of your weekend than with the latest whiskey in the market?

In this day and age, scamming can come in many ways. You can be asked to plant a Shs 310 for prayers, you can be told to play a bet card game in downtown Nairobi that ends up with you losing your money or you can lose your money in a more advanced way.

The end of a marriage is without a doubt one of the ugliest feelings people experience.

A scandalous story by a certain blog has gone viral. The post is about Wahu and Nameless’ alleged end to their marriage.


Fashion faux pas: The Camel Toe

The Urban dictionary defines the camel toe as "When a woman's pants are so tight, that the fabric comes into their beaver, creating the two-mounded image of a camel's toe"


Today I woke up to some rather entertaining news, a popular morning show host had posted a photo of her and her friends online after a successful interview.unbeknownst to her the photo was baring parts of her anatomy in an otherwise embarrassing phenomenon noted above as "camel toe" the bane of female dressing.


When her pants are so tight you can read her lips, Urban dictionary further records with an intentional pun.Camel toe is when a woman’s genitalia is visible through her outfit, especially if the outfit is too close fitting, experts say that it may also be as a result of shaved genitalia, where there is no pubic hair to mask the “ghastly” view.

In some parts of the world it may be considered sensual, sexy or appealing… Unfortunately Kenya is not one of those parts of the world, the moment something like that happens.. it is bound to be frowned upon.


so kenyans have made such a fuss of Sheila Mwanyigha's. But isn't human to error? Haven't we all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God? lol

It might have been one of her low moments in terms of dressing, but i believe she should have checked that photo before it went online, and if sheila didn't put that up, then the one who did owes her an apology. 

So Here is The Photo:



And if you look closely, you will realize that Sheila's camel toe is not the only thing that is eerie about the photo, the pose looks a little funny too, the smiles look forced while Kobi Kihara's tummy has decided to rear up its ugly head. All that in the same photo!

My Take?

Fire the one who took that photo. 



People got so worked up over the 12 Million Shillings Wedding Muiru allegedly threw for his daughter, the opulent mansion the Kiunas own and Kanyari’s Range Rover.

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