When I caught wind of this story, I knew I had to go about it carefully because of it's sensitive nature. What pray tell am I rumbling about? Well, a week or so ago, a staff member at K24 bravely reached out to me about what she alleges is the rot at K24. She had a couple of powerful allegation to drop.

 Yesterday, we reported that Nancy Nyambura, also known as Jastorina, had passed on.

Saturday, 26 July 2014 13:31

Jastorina Is Dead

Nancy Nyambura, also known as Jastorina, has passed on.

Hands down, Nameless and Wahu are Kenya’s showbiz power couple and the delicious-looking celebrity couple's every move prompts mouthwatering envy. It’s safe to say that this couple is our very own version of Jay and Bey.

I think there is nothing more revolting and ungodly  than anyone that hurts a child especially sexually.

In case you have not noticed, Vera has been off social media for a while; turns out she has been getting a breast augmentation a.k.a boob job.


Like any other normal couple, celebrities too struggle with infertility at times. And it’s not just everyday couples who undergo fertility treatment after struggling to conceive - high-profile celebrities chose to use IVF to become parents too.

After Betty Kyallo and Janet Mbugua got engaged the latest to leave the shelf is KTN’s pretty petite news anchor Yvonne Okwara.


More and more additions are being unveiled in celebville. The latest is by TV couple, Betty Kyalo and Dennis Okari.


In what appears to be sabotage on the part of the management, employees at Ebru TV, the fast rising TV station that former Citizen TV screen siren, Michelle Morgan, joined.

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