Thursday, 11 October 2012 13:16

Wardrobe malfunction leaves Marya exposed

Oh my! I don't know what to make of this. I'm certainly glad I'm not myopic, but then again, there's always the zoom button when things appear... 'unclear' and distant.

This dude never fails in bringing out his message clearly to the fans. He just has this way of portraying facts through lyrics and images that no one else seems to have grasped.

Prezzo is finally registering great progress and activity in the ONE Campaign, of which he is the African Ambassador. First off, for all those who had little faith in this bold rapper, this first step should prove you all wrong. Oh, and for those that kept on insisting that he wouldn't do this without pay, this is all voluntary.

Tuesday, 09 October 2012 15:36

SAD: MALI TV Show Facing Cancellation

It is probably one of the best shows on TV right now but the beloved MALI might not be coming back to the screen.

They got the looks, style, and they manage to make the news every once in a while. Their relationships with our Kenyan celebrities have become somewhat of a big deal. Here are a few of the sexiest.

When you become famous, it's only natural that people want to be associated with you or your success. Friends call you their BFFs, your parents say you're their favourite kid, total strangers claim that you're their daughter.

Okay, the last one rarely happens. But it did to one of these country's hottest actresses.

According to, a website traffic monitoring tool, these are the top 10 locally created websites in Kenya:

 1. they've held this crown for the longest time. Understandable, as they are the oldest media house in Kenya.

2. the leading Kenyan tabloid.

3. looks like their hundred million shilling ad campain worked out in the end.

4. probably as a result of their internet subscribers being directed onto this page as they log in.

5. formerly

6. see orange above.

7. they consistently mention their website on their radio station.

8. seems Kenyans have taken to this daily deals thing.

9. fiction writers extraordinaire.

10. Kenya's leading entertainment news website.


Click here to see the full list for yourself.


After less than a year since rebranding from to Ghafla! I must say to come this far has been a stellar effort. Kudos to the team(Kone Sekou, Chege Miati, Jeff Omondi, Adam Wagwau, Uncle Chim, Mr. Majani and Lewis M. Kaburu) investors(Nailab, 88mph) friends, family and supporters for bringing us to where we are now.

This Sunday, stand-up comedian Rapcha the Sayantist disrupted a quiet evening on Twitter by tearing into popular radio show host, Mbusii.

Kenyan artistes have been a busy lot lately and the creativity down here is just mind blowing. Making up new catch phrases and even introducing new dancing styles, our artistes are on their grind.

I was just about to go to sleep when I got a rather special update on my Facebook news feed. It said, "Akon has created a new event: Nairobi, Kenya show." I checked the source of the announcement and sure enough, it was the official Akon Facebook page. The sneaky bugger chose to announce this big concert via FB!

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