so the eviction went down at the BBA House and once again, Team Kenya rose to the occassion!

Ruth Matete has won Tusker Project Fame 5. The final order of contestants was:


1. Ruth

2. Doreen

3. Jackson

4. Joe


A lot of international and local artists have visited the BBA house in virtual form and have motivated and amazed the housemates every time a new visitor shows up. Even Nas wasn't left behind.

As Tusker Project Fame season 5  comes to a culmination this weekend, the battle lines are drawn as the remaining contestants drum up their fanbases to vote for them to win the top prize of Kshs. 5million and a recording deal with Universal Music Group.

Be sad no more. I know you have been seeing great international artists visiting and performing in East Africa and sadly, Uganda and Tanzania have been getting them all. Alas! We are now about to host one of the greatest rapper and poet from Canada, right here in Nairobi.

After Esther Arunga settled at The Friend's house in Dubai, she got comfortable enough to reveal some startling details about how life was for her in Kenya. She said they had been living in a single room house in Lukenya, which was full of rats. They always made sure the baby ate but it meant they had to go hungry at times.

The most anticipated film of the year finally makes a debut in Kenya today as Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises premieres at cinemas across the capital. Movie lovers are bracing themselves to experience what the rest of the world has been on and on about since its worldwide release of the 20th of July 2012.

In the first part of the Esther Arunga in Dubai story, we detailed how she hustled cash out of her friend and even requested to be hosted by her simply after The Friend commented on her Facebook post, she was ready to uproot her family from Kenya to Dubai.

It is emerging that the Timberlakes are nightmare guests to have. When they left Kenya for Dubai earlier this year, they put their hosts through a rough time which started even before they moved there.

According to documents, it seems the former TV anchor has been working really hard to sell herself abroad as a Kenyan media big-wig. She has been presenting herself as a Presidential Shield Winner in 1998 among other major achievements abroad incuding excellence customer service officer at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games in Australia.

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