If this isn't the most ambitious Kenyan rapper right now, I don't know who is. He has managed to shoot one of the best music videos to ever come from Kenya.

Crowd favourite and immensely talented freestyler lost out in the final...

Wait what? A chain worth how much now?

Motivating, inspiring, life changing... I couldn't pick just one, to describe the life of this rapper. Against all odds, Octopizzo has managed to capture his dream and believe it or not, he is just getting started.

Nairobi Half Life opens tomorrow at the Planet Media Cinemas at the Westgate Mall. The film is a brilliant depiction of a Nairobi some of us might not know exist. And the ones who do, might be too embarassed to admit they do.

Thursday, 30 August 2012 10:40


Ok so in music and entertainment, it is close to impossible to avoid drawing parallels between emcees.

Move over Kambua, make way for the other hot married lady Esther Wahome.

You definitely know that Abbas is back in full throttle when you hear that he is involved in yet another beef. Come to think of it, Abbas should be named the undisputed king of beef. This guy has battled them all and has come out unscathed in most, and he still stands.

Their authentic sound

They draw inspiration from the forefathers of African music. Bien, Mudigi, Polycarp and Chimano draw their inspiration from Daudi Kabaka, Fadhili Williams and the like. And they STILL manage to remain cool. How they do it is their secret.

Prezzo has not been too happy lately and I feel him completely. What Goldie is doing is just cruel. I mean, dude travelled all the way to Nigeria just to talk to this lady and set things straight and she is not impressed?

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