Even the blind saw this coming. This Jannette must be one really smart lady. As Junia was all over Malonza back in the Big Brother Africa Downville house, and over to the Upville House, deep down Jannette must have been laughing uncontrollably at the fact that she will have all the time in the world with Malonza, right after they are done with BBA, and Junia flown back to Namibia.

Thursday, 25 October 2012 11:30

Tallia Oyando Gets a Baby Boy (Photo)

Sometime in September we told you about former radio and TV presenter, Tallia Oyando being preggers. Well, the “ital” has been blessed with a bouncing baby boy.

For the last couple of weeks there have been rumors about Jalang'o dating Avril.

After writing the article in which A-Star gave his version of accounts as to what happened, Pulse have responded to my dare to post pictures of A-Star drinking...

On Friday, Pulse sensationally carried an epose in which it claimed to have photos of top gospel rapper A-Star catching a couple of pints -Barcadi Breezers to be exact.

Thursday, 18 October 2012 13:46

Top 10 Sexiest Voices on Kenyan Radio

It's hard to do a hottest radio presenters list because we don't know how most of them look like, and even the ones we know, getting their photos is difficult. So, we'll use their voices to do a list of hottest, sexiest radio voices on Kenyan radio.

If some personalities like Nini Wacera, Raabia Hawa, Keri Marine and Seanice were still on radio, this list would look a little different. So, here are top sexy voices on radio right now.

I've been dreaming of this day for the longest time and now, it's about to become a reality. One of the biggest reggae artistes, celebrated in Jamaica and Internationally, will be performing in Kenya in a month's time.

I hope you read the first part of this unravelling story about the Kenyan Governments activities concerning the Quincy Timberlake and wife, Esther Timberlake saga, submitted by non other than Esther Timberlake herself. If not, you will need to. Here's the link, otherwise this next part will just confuse you.

And the saga goes on. This time, it gets worse than before. More State secrets revealed to the point of life threatening ordeals. Still, this iron lady stands tall unveiling more that we know not of, about our Government.

This is the latest from Esther Timberlake.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012 12:25

Top 15 Kenyan songs of all time

They are the songs that come on air and you just go crazy with good memories of good times that flood your mind.

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