This guy came out strongly in the Coolagang Cypher titled 'People's Choice Cypher', with lyrics and flow so hot, he made it seem as though it was his cypher.


Holla!! Good people, let me fill you in with the top ten stuff you ought to know;

#1 He is without a doubt the most lovable radio persona of our time. Mbusi is his name. Check out why he is top of his game and how he manages it there.

#2 Has Citizen TV's Julie Gichuru found her match as far as looks are concerned? Find out who this mami is.

#3 Rapper and radio presenter, Nonini, knows what it's like being an upcoming artiste with no support from producers. It is in view of this that he has decided to act. Check out how...

#4 Finally the hullabaloo surrounding the relationship between Holy Dave and Tina Kaggia ends as Tina speaks out about it. What says she?

#5 Check out which award-winning Kenyan gangster film is being released this week.

#6 Read this hilarious letter from a disgruntled Multi-choice/ DSTV customer. Really?

#7It seems Jaguar's "Matapeli" is also going places. Find out how it is doing on YouTube.

#8 It seems Nameless is considering doing hip hop. Get wind of it here.

#9 Plan B's Playground video is finally out. Have a look...

#10 Nokia's "Don't Break The Beat" provides a platform for Bamboo, Octopizzo, STL and others to perform together!! Find out when and where...


Now you know. Keep it Ghafla! For more updates...

If their lyrics ain't hot and hard hitting, don't expect them to be here. This is strictly for the hard core lyricists, good both on the flow and the composition of the lyrics. You might be surprised to see some names of new artistes, but it is only with qualification that they are here.

Most people will take this list itself to be ridiculous. I don't blame them. These guys here are just too much. They may say things that you may not necessarily agree with, but will still get you laughing your sanity out.

And once again, the weekend is upon us.

So you thought you didn't have a reason to attend Kikoy Culture? You thought that wouldn't be your cup of tea? WELL, Bamzigi is here to give you a reason to THINK AGAIN!

Friday, 24 August 2012 14:43

Five annoying traits of one hit wonders

These are the most annoying 'celebrities' that exist. They keep on insisting that they are still relevant in this media when their last song was released like two years ago. Their persistent attention seeking tactics have driven us against the wall, leading to this list of some of the most annoying traits of one hit wonders.

The Nigerian music industry is way ahead of the pack and even the closest rivals SA have been blown out of the water.

How do you get your twitter account verified? It seems preposterous that there is apparently no official way for public figures and celebrities to get their twitter accounts verified (other than paying).


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