The Mother land calls all her children back home, and it is about time Donisha Prendergas, grand daughter to Bob Marley, found her way back to her roots. Donisha found it necessary to learn more about her roots, as always taught by her grand dad in his inspiring and liberating music.

That was a huge title no? But Uncle Chim Tuna doesn't cosign onto anything unless he believes in it!

It's been a long time coming for Kevin Ojiji!

I love sketch shows and have always wondered if they would work in Kenya. First of all, a sketch show is a comedy made up of a series of short dramatized bits. The bits or sketches are usually done by the same group of actors, usually comedians. Some are done live on set or pre-recorded.

Jimmy has lately been very cautious of his movements ever since a life threatening incident that he went through. What is it with guys against gospel artistes, huh? We get that they make more money, but that is just because they know how to play their cards right. Now everyone wants to feast from them.

Friday, 17 August 2012 13:50

Top five hottest actresses

Most of us just view a certain programme or movie just to see a specific someone on the screen, looking good and doing whatever it is they are doing. It is true and you know it. Well, that and plus their talent too.

Have you ever wondered what the secrets to success as a Kenyan artiste are?

By now the tale of a certain missing phone is well known to all aye?

Bamboo was recently interviewed by HBR's Rachel on a lot of stuff about himself and his music, but there is no doubt that the most interesting talk about this interview was about the beef between his boy Abbas and fast rising rapper, Octopizzo.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012 17:28

WOW! This is beautiful gospel music

I honestly don't listen to much gospel music but this tune has just made my day. Yes, I discovered it today and yes again, it is currently my favorite gospel song from Kenya right now.

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