With XYZ, nobody is safe. As long as you trend or are influential, you’ll be their next target.


It’s without any iota of doubt that XYZ show is by far the best political satire TV show across Africa. It’s no wonder the show has quite a huge and devoted following in Kenya and outside the country for its funny, witty and satirical way of expressing happenings.

Buni Media, the company behind the massively popular Kenyan puppet political satire program THE XYZ SHOW, is launching a similar show in Nigeria today called OGAS AT THE TOP.

The XYZ Show has come a long way since it was launched five years ago for the first time on Kenyan television! Now and after more than 100 episodes, the program’s 9th Season will premiere this Sunday at 7:30pm on NTV.

Kenyan showbiz is slowly becoming full of celebrity mini me’s of late – kids that look exactly like their famous parents. Some children are a perfect blend of their celebrity parents, and some are spitting images of just one of their parents like in the case of Classic's Ciku Muiruri and her daughter, Erica.

When news about what actually transpired during KDF's raid on Westgate to rid it of terrorist scum that had attacked and taken the lives of so many innocents came to light, Kenyans were outraged. The Department of Defence swung into action claiming that no looting was done. Mohamed Ali and John-Allan namu of "Jicho Pevu" and "The Inside Story" did investigative pieces on the KDF seige and exposed the soldiers for being cowardly looters.


XYZ are quite the hilarious bunch! And they aren't done with Shebesh and Sonko after their alleged sex pictures surfaced on the internet it would seem this Sunday the pair are in for more roasting with XYZ set to have their puppets play some "puppetsutra" to simulate what they did or did not do.

It seems the recent expose of televangelists asking their congregation to ‘plant a seed’ in order to receive God’s blessings formed the basis for Africa’s leading political satire show, XYZ, next parody video.

Monday, 26 August 2013 16:08

You Can Now Get Free XYZ Laughs!

Kenya’s only free and legal download platform, Mdundo.com, has broadened its range of content by adding radio sketches as free download on the website.

After a short hiatus, the XYZ crew has regrouped and is back with a hot new season full of rib-cracking political spoofs. Like Chim already told you HERE, there’s a lot more that’s in store for you.

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