jimwatJimwat was born James Wathiga, and Jimwat is brought out from the two names. He was brought up in Kabete and went to Musa Gitau Primary and Chinga High School Nyeri. After his O levels he took a computer course and later studied graphic design in 2005. He started rapping while he was in class 7. In 2004, he went to Calif and recorded his first song “sema nami sweetie”, while he was in form 4 but did not release it until he completed his O levels. In early 2004, he released it and he was shocked to hear it on Capital FM a few days after its release; later, other stations followed suit. The same year, he was featured by Raptaz in ”Paulina” which became famous and was used in the close-up dance-o-mania competition. He also did videos for the songs that same year.


Later on, he was featured in the song “Adila” by Riziki and Pararo. In early 2005 he was featured in Juacali’s ”Kwa album yangu” and ”wanakimbia” songs which are in “Juacalisekta”, the mini album. He then went on to pursue a solo career. In the same year, he released a hugely popular song ”UNDER18” in which he featured Meg C in the video. The song no doubt catapulted him to the top of charts and built a name for him in the music industry. It also scooped an award in the 2006 Chaguo la teenies and was nominated for several awards in the Kisima.

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