gidi gidi maji majiGidigidi Majimaji is a hip hop duo from Kenya. It is made up of Joseph Ogidi Oyoo(Gidigidi) and Julius Owino (Majimaji). Their music is a fusion of hip hop/rap and African music. They mostly sing and rap in their native language called Luo.
The group came into being 4 years ago after they were spotted by Ted Josiah, a Kenyan producer. Prior to this, they had won several talent search contests in Nairobi. They stood out as unique artistes and their penchant for rapping in Luo (as opposed to Swahili and Sheng) united them.

Their first single, Ting badi malo, became an international hit. Their first album featured the title track Ismarwa (it's ours). This borrowed from the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga's book "Not yet Uhuru" which quotes "Whether you Kithni or you Ndekni Kenya Ismarwa " (Whether you shake or shake even more, Kenya is ours). Odinga was Kenyan's first Vice President.

Their 2002 hit, Unbwogable - Who can bwogo me, aided Mwai Kibabki's successful campaign for the Kenyan presidency. Unbwogable became the rallying cry for the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC). The anthem comes from the Luo (a language from Western Kenya) word that means 'scare' and the song talks about someone who doesn't want to be scared, harrasses or opressed. Unbwogable is translated as unbeatable. Gidigidi Majimaji did not record Unbwogable as a political song. People blasted the song from ghetto blasters and there were many "I am unbwogable" t-shirts. The rap duo even performed it at opposition rallies. Another hit song, Atoti, generated some controversy over a misunderstanding they had with Wicky Mosh, who was featured on the song.

They have become an international phenomenon and are constantly appearing in concerts across the world to the extent that they hardly appear in local Kenyan gigs. In 2004, they were made UN Habitat Messengers Of Truth for their work informing youth world wide about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Gidi also started Street Expression, an NGO to provide hope for youth living in slum areas. This project brings together musicians, radio DJs and youth organizations to implement the Messengers of Truth project in Nairobi. They began recording with a South African record label, Gallo Records and the product was Many Faces. They also recorded a version of the song We Are The World with Ugandan ragga king Jose Chameleone and Kawesa.

The rap duo have incorporated a 12 piece band for their shows and concerts. They also formed their own entertainment club called "Ismarwa entertainment" which supports young talents. This club organizes the yearly ghetto jam in East Lands and the Ismarwa youth soccer tournament which has seen some of its players join various league and national teams. Maji runs a studio, 4-Play Records, based in Hazina Towers which features artistes like Circute and Kent.

Some of their popular songs are Ting badi malo, Many Faces, Adhis Jiggy Jiggy, Ismarwa, African Womano, Oruu, Giko chako, Ayaye, Fikira, Tumbo, Chupa, Chunya Jamirima, Heartbeat, and Pay day

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