Almost all showbiz big-wigs operate under  pseudo names. A fact that makes it hard for the commoner to know them beyond the flashy lifestyle. Dj Protege is one such guy, not much was known about his personal life until today. He talks to Adelle Onyango on the celeb quickfire. 

Once upon a time, there was the ‘telephone farmer’ called Yoram Mwangi. That is how the
hustle started from way young age of 21. Mr. Mwangi used to 'ímport’ bananas from Kisii town to
Nairobi where he would sell them by use of a phone to connect people (buyers and sellers) , not
really sure whether he was a Nokia ambassador.

Friday, 01 November 2013 12:54

Meet Capital Fm's Dj Protege Hot Girlfriend!

They say and even sing that "Love is a beautiful thing", Well i can guess that this young couple of Dj Protege Mwangi and the stunning Diana Gacheri is a beautiful one. See the photos of the couple here;

Trance Avenue is going down this weekend at Carnivore

Grab your tickets to this unique glowing party exclusively here!

Come party at Island Bar and Lounge and "let the glow out"

World's premium beer brand Heineken and Il Covo (Taste Awards 2013 Runner’s Up for Heineken Best Club at the Coast) joined forces to bring the GREEN LIGHT TRILOGY! to Mombasa.

Smirnoff recently launched Smirnoff the Night event at Samba in Westlands. Star studded it was, below are some of the celebrities who attended.

A new year brings a new series of parties here in Kenya. You know how we do. Everyday is a holiday, especially for the crazy Nairobians. We're just cool like that.

The Deejays Republic is a DJ fraternity consisting of Creme De La Creme, DJ Protege, Mista Dru, DJ Hypnotiq and W-DJ. The outfit is managed by Kiss 100's Kalekye Mumo.

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