Wanna Know Why Rapcha Was Kicked Out Of Ghetto Radio?

Thursday, 12 April 2012 11:55 , Written by 
Rapcha di Sayantist, EX Ghetto Radio Presenter Rapcha di Sayantist, EX Ghetto Radio Presenter Image from twitter.com

If you've been reading Ghafla! regularly, you probably know by now that Rapcha the Sayantist is now no longer at Ghetto Radio. "Why the hell would he leave?" you may ask.

Well, it seems that Rapcha was actually fired for a pretty nasty joke! He has informed us via Twitter that he will actually perform the joke that got him fired in front of a LIVE audience. He said:


"I'll be on stage for my 3rd stand-up comedy special in June. I'll perfom the joke that cost me my job at Ghetto Radio."


In case you didn't know, he is referring to his LIVE comedy event called Raw & Uncut, held at the Alliance Francaise, where he cracks all the jokes that couldn't be allowed on the airwaves. Be there or be square!


More details to follow. Subscribe to the 'Rapcha the Sayantist' tag below to keep up.


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