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Remember this goat with the human face?

Tuesday, 08 May 2012 18:32 , Written by 
Weird goat held by a citizen in Mombasa. Weird goat held by a citizen in Mombasa.

I was just going through some of the Kenyan videos randomly and came across this old video that captured a very weired and mysterious incident that happend way back in 2009 in Mombasa. This was the weirdest and most mysterious Kenyan incident ever.

The headline itself was just messed up... "Goat with human face". WTH!!! Citizen TV captured this clip of Jomvu village residents in Mombasa having discovered a newly born kid (not human kid, but goat kid) that had human features all over its body. Tongue, mouth, teeth, eyes... the whole face.

After coming from the shock of the video, you finally can't help but wonder... "that was a really really sick pervert," right? (as much as it is biologically impossible). Or do you want to convince yourself that this was a miracle? Didn't think so.

Too bad the father is still at large. Check out the video below.



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