Famous Kenyan Writer Confesses That He Is gay:This Is How Kenyans Reacted

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Last year Hollywood saw a large number of celebrities coming out of the closet, among them Raven Symone of That’s So Raven and Wentworth Miller Of prison Break. This year a prolific Kenyan writer came out of the closet after 38 years in it,his name Ken Binyavanga Wainaina.

A brave move considering Kenya is not like Hollywood, people are a bit more traditional statistics indicate that we live in a country where only one out of 10 people support homosexuality. Here are a few of the reactions to him declaring that he is gay

Paul O. Arthur It is amazing how much wisdom people have about other people’s affairs and so little interest in their own. I’m glad he is able to come out and express just how happy he is right now...n besides Who really cares what he does in his private life and what his sexual preference is...And why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own ?

Narayan Komen I like his works of Art, I don’t care about his sexual orientations cz its personal choice.

Loyce Njeri gay or lesbian live your life who r we to judge? y.o.l.o

Moses Kipkosgei Who cares? Living his life do your thing brother...not a lifestyle as many want to put it is life so roll.

Oranjo from The block Some of us Kenyans, we are so shallow minded. Travel a little bit from your comfort zone, see& learn. It's 2014.your not in the village any more.

Eric Murimi If thts where he found LOVE well, good for him at least he is following what makes him happy.


As expected not everyone was congratulating him, others were straight up harsh, such as these ones:

Leornard Mureithi Can't imagine caressing...then screwing a fellow man.!!! Even the thought itself make me shiver...It’s disgusting...!

Samuel N. Kariuki If homo is good, even theft, robbery, rape, homicide etc are all equally good, why not legalize everything


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