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Another Michael Jackson to perform in Kenya

Thursday, 24 May 2012 10:02 , Written by 
Michael Jackson and Mikki Jay. Michael Jackson and Mikki Jay. Image from TheStar.

It is said that Michael Jackson's performances were electrifying and just out of this world. We're just about to witness it all over again, maybe for the last time.

When you see Mikki Jay at first glance, you would think that he is MJ's twin brother. Wait till you hear him sing and see him dance, then you will be convinced that he actually is MJ... but he obviously ain't.

Being MJ's lookalike, Mikki has received almost as much attention as Michael did. He has his voice, his looks and can dance like him too. He resembles the King of Pope  in so many ways and all this will be witnessed at the Carnivore on the 30Th of June.

This concert will be in honor of Michael Jackson, on his third anniversary.

Here's a video of Mikki Jay performing. Check it out.

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