Popular Nairobi Gay Bar Raided By Police, 60 Homosexuals Arrested

Sunday, 06 July 2014 14:00 , Written by 

While most were either going home to sleep after a night of debauchery or waking up and getting ready to go to church, some Kenyans were being welcomed by the state as guests in it's five star accommodation at Central police station. Their crime? Getting caught at a gay bar.

As the story goes, once upon a time, in a distant nearly past too far gone to recall, there was a club in the heart of the Nairobi CBD called Club Envy. Now, the management at envy are true capitalists who deign it fit to welcome homosexuals to their establishment as long as they keep buying drinks.

Smart move really because homosexuals in countries such as America are the ones who have money.

Anyway, when word leaked out to the government of the day, they sent their security apparatus to harass innocent homosexuals who were not even taking part in any buggery but rather enjoying their hard earned money.

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By the time Ghafla got to the scene, it was too late as all the homosexuals had been rounded up and taken to Central Police Station. But we managed to talk to the watchman who informed Baba Ghafla that those arrest were patrons who were not being arrested over Mututho Laws but rather because of their sexual orientation.

Baba Ghafla then spoke to Joji Baro to find out whether this is a normal occurrence for homosexuals and we are shocked to learn that state harassment is all part and parcel of what it means to be gay in Kenya.
Joji Baro had this to say, "The arrests at Envy had nothing to do with Mututho law but just trying to suppress the visibility of gays and lesbians. So finally someone just realized gays and lesbians have money and they know where to spend it... Just a remainder of the little rights we enjoy -we have a right to spend our money where and whenever we want to."

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