Ramzzy Hits Out At Robert Alai

Wednesday, 12 September 2012 15:18 , Written by 
@RamzZy_ @RamzZy_

First off, I don't pride myself in being an instigator, neither am I trying to rekindle past tweef but yesterday, one of the Kenyan twitterati, Rama (@RamzZy_), stopped by Ghafla!’s offices and boy! He didn’t have kind words for the tech blogger and fellow KOT -bonafide twitter celebrity-, Robert Alai (@RobertAlai). And just so know, he is not apologetic about what he said.

The two have had a tweef in the past. @RamzZy_ was quick to point out that the e-thugging twitter beef he engages alaiin is purely for brains and not for brawn. He rubbished claims that twitter beef is pointless saying that for him it’s the only way he can make somebody respect his opinions if their ideologies part ways.

Anyhow, back to the @RobertAlai issue, @RamzZy_ thinks @RobertAlai has valid opinions to project, he just doesn't know how to say them. He also felt that @RobertAlai fired the first salvo and the he simply returned the favour, of course in a more harsh way.

Watch the rest of the interview below;

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