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Pulse and Ogopa are hosting a party at Crayfish Tomorrow. You are invited

Friday, 14 September 2012 14:58 , Written by 

The Pulse Magazine crew and the Ogopa DJs stable will be holding it down tomorrow (15Th September 2012) at the Crayfish Camp, Naivasha. This won't be like any other camping outing. Not at all. It will be a celebrity studded, red carpet like event.

The two companies will be hosting this event, meant to be a weekend outing and showbiz extravaganza at the same time, meaning you get to spend some quality time with family or friends, while enjoying performances from Ogapa artistes such as Colonel Mustafa, Marya, Amani, Avril, Trapee and Kenzo among others.

Pulse and Ogopa will be heading over to Naivasha in style. They will be taken by Limos R Us all the way. Yes, riding in a limo all the way to Naivasha. Pretty awesome, huh?

See you there.

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