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The kiss bandit... out for the ladies

Tuesday, 13 March 2012 10:40 , Written by 
John Talewa kissing a BBA judge John Talewa kissing a BBA judge

He has made it his mission to kiss a million ladies in three years. So far he has just managed to kiss 400 women. You might think that that is a small number, but here in Kenya, to find ladies willing to kiss a stranger just to support his cause, is really really hard.

John Telewa plans to be in the Guinness Book of Records for kissing the most women in Facebook.clever guy His lips have so far travelled on dark, light, wet and even dry mouths. He has even kissed some of our hottest lady celebrities including Avril, Wahu, Tanya of tahidi high and Caroline Mutoko. He has even kissed a judge at the BBA auditions.

The reason for this is... to put Kenya on the map. We are already there boy, for so many 'reasonable' reasons. Just get some lip and relax. Good strategy though.


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