Kenyan artistes join hands to preach peace and co-existence

Monday, 19 March 2012 12:53 , Written by 
Nameless is part of the Kenya one initiative Nameless is part of the Kenya one initiative

After what Kenyans went through in the 2007 general elections, artistes have joined hands to form, Kenya one.

This will be their vehicle for preaching peace to all Kenyans in order to avert what happened in the previous election.

 They will be staging music shows, seminars, workshops and conferences through out the whole country.

The artistes led by celebrated artistes Nameless, Size 8 and Mombasa based singer Ali B flagged off the initiative on Wednesday at Galileo Lounge.

Kenya one will be empowering young leaders with leadership skills required to handle reconciliation and co-existence issues.

This initiative has gotten support from business man Jimna Mbaru.

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