These Were The Movers And Shakers Last Week In Kenya's Entertainment Industry!

Monday, 29 April 2013 11:19 , Written by 

I'd like to introduce a new segment which I will call movers and shakers. I will basically profile the previous week from the entertainment industry perspective. That being said, this segment is just taking form so bear with me as It evolves.

With that said and done, ladies and gentlemen, I wish to introduce last week's movers and shakers:


The lad has been stunting like no one's business! He had a video shoot and he pulled all the stops! Bringing out big boy toys like Bentley's and even a plane! Kaboom! Read about that here.


Prezzo wasn't going to be undone! He unleashed a fresh Chrysler Crossfire and the beauty of this is that we have the picture! And that coming hot on the heels of his new video "LiqHer"! Talk about moving and shaking the industry around!


Lad has just released a new video titled "Stay So Fly" that has been overwhelmingly received and praised by critic and fan alike. You can watch that video here.


He got to hobknob with Safaricom's CEO and actually took him fish shopping deep in the bowel of Nairobi's grittier side of town. Check out the pictures here.

Julie Gichuru

It was announced last week that Julie Gichuru was to be feted at an international forum. Julie will be among 60 women speakers who will be giving keynote speeches at the inaugural Women Inspiration & Enterprise (WIE) Africa in South Africa. Read about that here.

Smirnoff Experience

The folks at smirnoff decided to throw down a party and it was something sick! The photo gallery is coming up shortly. Keep it Ghafla!

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