Caroline Mutoko To Sue Kahawa Tungu!

Friday, 17 May 2013 11:21 , Written by 

Caroline Mutuko has filed an official complaint asking police to investigate the anonymous blogger only known as Kahawa Tungulu who has linked her to the death of the late senator Mutula Kilonzo.

And caroline is angry because she feels this attempt to link her to Mutula's death was a blatant lie calculated to injure (her reputation) and bring her into disrepute.

Here's what the Star has reported caroline as having said, "I did not visit the deceased in my entire life, nor was I anywhere near his residence at the time as reported. this is an underhand attempt to damage my career which has taken me over 15 yrs to build and to undermine my international reputation!"

Kahawa Kutungu, it would seem the game has switched and now the hunter is the hunted! I personally think you should just issue a public apology and move on with life. Or if you have any proof, call the man you aspire to be -me- and i'll help you out.

And just incase you think you're smarter than an Ibo boy at John Hopkins, it has been discovered that you have tried to obscure your identity by registering your website through offshore domains like Turks and Caicos and engaged the assistance of a web anonymizer company...

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, Kahawa Vitungu, for it tolls for you!

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