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Dennis Itumbi Dennis Itumbi

Journalist and blogger Dennis Itumbi has been arrested by the police over possession of 'classified documents' which claim that the British Government was behind efforts to get President Kibaki indicted by the  International Criminal Court.

According to sources, Itumbi, who was being held at the Muthaiga Police Station early Friday morning, has now been moved to the CID Headquarters on Kiambu Road. Surprisingly, this follows legal proceeding threats Itumbi made late last week to controversial blogger Robert Alai over statements Robert made linking Itumbi to the 'classified documents.

Itumbi has on countless occasions reiterated that he is not the source of the said documents.

‘‘Media freedom is under threat in this country. The new constitution, even if it was voted on overwhelmingly is not working,’’ Itumbu told reporters from Muthaiga Police station early Friday, as Jackal news reported.
‘‘No matter the nature of intimidation, I will not reveal the sources of the information I have. It is suicidal. I will die for it,’’ he said, suggesting that police may be seeking to question him about what he knows about the controversial document.

The said document was tabled in Parliament on 8th March 2012.

Listen (below) to a podcast of an interview News Anchor Ramah Nyang had with Dennis Itumbi sometime late last year right after Itumbi had revealed the identity of a witness in the case against 4 Kenyans at the International Criminal Court....


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