Senator Bails Out Mombasa Strippers Arrested For Having Sex In Public(PHOTO GALLERY)

Thursday, 06 June 2013 22:05 , Written by 

Nine strippers were arrested on Sunday night at Bahnhof Bar in Mtwapa. The charge? Having sex in public.

 In a sensational TWIST of events, Nominated TNA Senator Emma Mbura came out to defend the ladies of the night, saying that they were forced into their ways due to unemployement. "No one would want to show off their private parts if they had an alternative steady source of income,” Senator Mbura said.

After the Star broke the story, Mbura went a step further, and proceeded to post bail for 7 of the strippers under the guise of protecting the girl child. She said in an announcement:

"In our society the girl child has been left vulnerable to the society’s whims. Hence strip clubs are coming up, defying women’s dignity through indecent exposure/nudity thereby corroding the moral fiber of our society ."

Here are some photos of the surreal case:


Senator Mbura arrives at the scene

This is 'waiting area' where the girls were being held. Saddest part is, I'm not shocked at this photo.

Mbaru hands over some clothes to the strippers. Whether they will use them to go to work remains to be seen.

Everyone had to get their 15 minutes.

Tears flowed freely when the TV cameras rolled.

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