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So, as usual, we got the lovely opportunity to interview yet another bubbling and fast rising star. The rapper, popularly known as JAY A, brought us tracks like 'on me' in which he did with the beautiful Amina, and is currently getting massive airplay.
Tuesday, 06 November 2012 14:47

Young Star Aces It In Her First Track

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Dora is a teenage newcomer who might just be the next big thing in Kenyan music. The first time she ever tried to make music, she aced it in her brilliant rap-singing record which is undoubtably impressive especially considering she also did the production. In an interview with Ghafla!, she explained how she got interested in music and confirms Oyela (Rise) as her first song. Check out the transcript for that bit below.
On Friday evening, the genge godfather received the best hip hop award at Kisima thanks to his video, Colour Kwa Face. The song refocuses our attention back to the Albino killings that continue to take place in East Africa and Nonini reminds guys that Albinos are normal human beings.
Tuesday, 06 November 2012 12:22

Hip Hop is Dead: A Kenyan Exhibition

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Just as Chiwawa accuses the Kisima Awards for making the wrong call in their Hip Hop Category at the recent ceremony, an exhibition about the genre's extinction is currently taking place at the National Museum.
Tuesday, 06 November 2012 11:42

Top 5 Kenyan Celebrity Bad Boys

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Over the weekend while at Blankets& Wine, i had the privilege of meeting a -shall we say female "fan". Who admonished me for letting my hair grow till i look like a camel! Apparently i look handsome with short cropped hair but when it grows, not so much.
Tuesday, 06 November 2012 11:10

Sauti Sol Does It Again!

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Kenya’s most sought-after boy band, Sauti Sol, has released a new single, Money Lover. The upbeat song, once again, flaunts the band's songwriting skills in a story about a young man trying to decipher his lady's love, whether it’s genuine or for the money. An ode to the materialistic nature of romance in the new world.
On Sunday i had the pleasure to have a tete a tete with Buddha Blaze. And i know alot of folk will ask me just who this man is and if you're an artist you should slap yourself if you also want to know just who he is.
Nonini took home the Best Hip Hop Artiste Award at the Kisima Awards last weekend for his conscious track about the suffering of persons living with albinism, Color Kwa Face. Now, hip hop artiste, Chiwawa, says that the category was a sham. He released a statement to convey his thoughts about Nonini's win. Check it out below.
If you were at Kisima, you remember seeing her perform and the highlight of that was her powerful voice.
Kelele Takatifu's video for one of their latest singles, Bonga Bonga, is out. It is a Gospel song about appreciating every blessing that God brings our way especially those which we view as small or normal.



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