Thursday, 28 June 2012 12:45

The Raila Rap with Dr. Dre Beats

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The XYZ show and Buni TV have done it yet again with an entertaining parody to American rapper Dr. DRE's massive hit single 'Still D.R.E.'
Initially, Redsan used to be a member of a group named One 2 Moja. This was a brief union, as he shortly broke off to go solo.
Chantelle was on last month's Salon Magazine where she talked about a range of subjects from her childhood growing as the only girl in the family, losing her mother early, her heritage and how she "accidentally" got into the music industry.
Kidum just joined an exclusive club in the Kenya music circles. His video for Haturudi Nyuma has more than one million views on YouTube. The singer is set to perform in Atlanta this weekend. Another high performer is Kigeugeu, which has 659,000 views, with about 270,000 more views on UG Pulse and tens of thousands more on other channels. Vernacular music also unsuspectingly get a lot of views. For example, a fairly  unknown song by Christopher Monyoncho, Kwini Na Biyaki, has just short of 565,000 views on the video platform. Just-A-Band's Ha-He just crossed 470,000. The thing with Ha-He is that a lot of those views came all at once, which would make it one of the few viral videos out of Africa. The video Haturudi Nyuma was uploaded a month after Ha-He and has received consistent views since then, which explains how it--almost sneakily--beat everyone to the top. Haturudi…
Wednesday, 27 June 2012 19:37


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I shan't try to be cultured or toned down about this:
Wednesday, 27 June 2012 19:57

STL's Bad As I Wanna Be Teaser

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Stella Mwangi's Bad As I Wanna Be might just be this year's most anticipated tracks. The rapper came back into the country to shoot the video, which immediately raised the hype around it after fans learnt that she would close down a whole street in the CBD for the shoot. The track and video will be released on the 29th of June and anticipation for the final product builds up with each passing day. Below is a teaser, which gives us a first look into the video. Judging from this, there's going to be some serious bad-assery to be served around.
When you think of Kenyan music finally gaining mainstream acceptance, who comes to mind? Which artists' images are conjured up?
Wednesday, 27 June 2012 19:28

Chantelle On the Cover of Salon Magazine

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She blasted into the Kenyan music scene with a killer track featuring one of the country's most consistent musicians. The track was followed up by an equally awesome video, directed by one of Africa's most in-demand directors, Clarence Peters. Chantelle couldn't have made a bigger debut.
Wednesday, 27 June 2012 18:26

Kidum To Perform In Atlanta

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Kidum will be live in concert this Saturday, 30th June at the Jett Lounge on 3701 Clairmont Road in Atlanta Georgia. The artiste will be backed up by DJ Armstar and DJ Kilkenny. Kidum started in a band at age 12, and it shows. He is one of the highest rated live band performers in the country. He has performed locally from bands to huge concerts, including Tusker Project Fame. Kidum also recently achieved a milestone. His Haturudi Nyuma, in which he features Ugandan singer and Tusker Project Fame judge Juliana Kanyomozi, is one of the biggest hits in the region in terms of popularity. The video recently crossed a million views on YouTube.
RGB Tomsy is an singer, music and film producer from Nakuru. The East Africa Media Institute trained film production graduate ventured into music in 2000. He comes from Nakuru but records at Cayman Records in Nairobi. As a film producer, he has worked on local and international productions such as BBC, Cayman Ventures, 13 November Films and Black & White Entertainment. He wrote and recorded Street Boy, a song about his tribulations in the streets of Nakuru, Eldoret and Nairobi. The song has received a fair amount of airplay on Tanzania's Cloud FM. Stategal is a song about a girl who changes her ways and lifestyle after going abroad and how it is affecting her lover. Check out the video below.




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