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Wednesday, 10 October 2012 10:45

This is why 'Coolagang' broke up

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They came, they saw, and later left. However, they made quite an impression on their fans. Proved that music can be birthed from beef and a name can actually be made through it. Coolagang, a hip hop group of five rappers namely, Shukid, Kevin Grants, Taffie, Kapela and Greg Black Rock, held it up for their hood in all their tracks, but it seems as though time has come for them to go their separate ways. Sad, but it already happened.
Wednesday, 10 October 2012 10:25

Video: Alfayo gives out Sambusa on the Coast

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After a very long time since releasing a single, after a series of appearances on other Katenga videos, funny man Alfayo is finally back with music. Honestly, I had missed this guy's music. The humor that comes with it is just priceless. He knows how to get one's mind off everything else and just concentrate on him, a quality every artiste should posses.
If you remember and you enjoyed the last musical serving from this combination called "Happy", you'll be happy to learn of this new musical serving. This time round it's a whimsical track titled "More Than Just Friends" and it's basically a tale of illicit love. Picture if you will that you hit the club and you find your mans' girlfriend there looking enticing and she gyrates to the music so seductively when you ask her for a dance... That's Kantai's take on the track. And he gets poetic talking about "/Love is a wild horse and you can't ride it!/" And STL takes is similar seeing as she admits to know the lad has a girlfriend going crazy at home. Interesting. The track has a slow feel without being a bore. It's the type of track you can't help but bump your head to. It is reminiscent of the golden…
Today, Kenyans on Twitter showed up and joined hands to protest against greed in Kenya's power system. Kenyan celebrities were not left out in the CBD march. Members of the afropop group, Just-A-Band, who have been known to be reclusive also came out in support of their fellow Kenyans. Click to enlarge the photo of two of the band's members, Blinky Bill and Jim Chuchu.
Tuesday, 09 October 2012 17:45

Octopizzo About to Toboa Something New

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Octopizzo who is still riding on the popularity of Ivo Ivo Ivo and the rejuvenation of Bila Mic after the remix featuring various artistes, he has announced another track.
Tuesday, 09 October 2012 16:39

Jimmy Gait's 'Appointment' video released

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Jimmy Gait is finally done with his latest video, 'appointment'. The song came out a couple of weeks back and the reception was just amazing. This is a real gospel worship song and you know just how much Kenyans love this kind of music.
Tuesday, 09 October 2012 16:24

Alisha Popat drops her new video

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Remember the beautiful Indian girl that Mustafa featured in his track, 'Mena Kyaar Piya' a while back? Well, she is back!
How well do you know you Juliani’s songs? Now how well do you know the lyrics (word for word) for the songs? If you think you do very well then you are qualified to take part in #JazaJulianiLyrics.
Tuesday, 09 October 2012 15:59

This might just be the next African stars... from Kenya

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Ohhh this is just great. After listening to this track and even watching its video, I have the same feeling that I had when I first listened to Sauti Sol. The Africa in it is just breath taking. They even managed to use a video that showcases hard knock life, to express joy... What the hell?
Tuesday, 09 October 2012 15:42

Kendi's new video from Ogopa Deejays finally out

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After quitting Calif Records and walking out head high, Kendi is finally back, sexier than before, hotter than ever. It seems Ogopa Deejays really did manage to bring out her sexy character, just like Kendi hoped they would.



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