I just introduced you to Kyalo, the guy who's voice was until today more popular than the persona that bears it.
Rapper Cabu Gah or “rubble rouser Cabu Gah” as Uncle Chim Tuna likes to refer to him is back after a long silence. Cabu Gah is remembered for taking shots at Octopizzo and Amina, dissing Gospel artists, affronting blogger Robert Alai and most recently going in on Churchill over his comedy show Churchill Show.
Yesterday, I shared with you pictures from Winyo's gig at Treehouse, and who better to take to the stage this week than Dela? Yes, tomorrow is my birthday and I intend to celebrate it by going to watch Miss Maranga do her thang.
By anyone's estimation, I'm not a soft guy. But even i can appreciate a sentimental song when the lyrics and instrumentals and the vocals and harmony are well done and mastered and the product is pure melody.
KRS 1 once said that if indeed hiphop can be blamed for it's negative impact on youth everywhere, then it can infact have a positive impact aswell. I agree. If you don't agree, then you need to put down the Lil Wayne garbage you've been listening to down and open your ears and eyes.
Kenya's musical equivalent of Kanye is upto his old antics yet again. Same script different cast if you will. The track is titled "How High" and i must say, i rather enjoy it.
I shared Just A Band's video here last week. I'm hoping you watched that, if not, read about that here.
Last week I told you that Winyo would be at TreeHouse, did any of you attend the gig?
Last week, our site was awash with news from the Muthengi family. First we reported that Holy Dave has changed careers, that he is also employing, and that Joey had finally left Capital Fm's Hits Not Homework.
Even woken up and everything goes wrong, one after the other? They call that Murfy's law, an epigram that states if something can go wrong, it will. 


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