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We recently reported that Juliani's documentary had been featured on Webby Award-winning film Website, IndieWire. And now the 30-minute doc has been featured on A View From the Cave, a blog owned by Huffington Post blogger, Tom Murphy.
Camp mulla and their collective at large- 254low had their controversial song "S.O.S" air on K24!
The man of the moment is most definitely one Miguna Miguna: incase you missed the memo, Miguna Miguna released a memoir titled 'Peeling Back the Mask' which takes a look at the life of Kenya's Prime Minister Raila Odinga behind the scene.
Thursday, 19 July 2012 15:13

Whoa! Boneless' new song is already the most liked video

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Yes indeed. Boneless is back into the entertainment industry and this time, he is doing way more than dancing. Having made his debut in music with a hot feel good song, he is already blowing up through social media.
Two Kenyan media personalities have unfortunately been involved in an accident in New Castle, Delaware. Event promoter Kaka-DC and TakeOver DJs' DJ Babu are currently admitted at Christina Hospital Trauma Center after the accident last evening.
Thursday, 19 July 2012 14:43

Toxic to permanently move to Germany?

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Sexy and controversial dancer turned singer, Toxic has been in the industry for a long time to be arguably one of the best female dancers in Kenya. Hell, she even shared a stage with international artist Wyclef Jean and this has boosted her name and performance to a whole new level.
Thursday, 19 July 2012 12:59

I knew it. The most discussed Kenyan music video

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Immediately I saw this video on YouTube, I knew it was going to go viral and lots of people would comment on it. This is basically something that the Kenyan community is not used to (guys smoking herb live on telly) but I have to give these guys the credit for being bold enough to do it.
Over the past two years, Joseph Hellon has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. At the Hilton during one his performances, Jalang'o, who was the Mcee for the day, asked Hellon about his now seemingly abandoned political ambitions.
Popular and very sexy dancer Toxic, real names Juliet Kwamboka has been there and done that for so long that some of the things that might surprise you as a fan, wouldn't even get her attention.
2012 Insyder Skiza Chaguo la Teeniez Awards Group of the Year nominees Affiliates are back on their grind with a new song titled 'My City' to be launched soon.



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