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Just over a year ago, Camp Mulla were just hustling to record their videos on their camera phones, and uploading them on YouTube. They were enjoyable, despite the lack of quality. Here is a sample of their very first freestyle video, 'We Are Camp Mulla'
Thursday, 24 May 2012 13:39

Shaffie Weru Dot Com Goes Online!

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Kiss 100 FM radio presenter Shaffie Weru has finally taken the next step in his online and social network footprint. The media personality just launched
The most highly anticipated album in East Africa by award winning hip hop group BMF has officially been launched online.
So yesterday, the news broke that Camp Mulla had been nominated for the BET Awards. This was very exciting news for Kenyans all over the world because it was the first time ever a Kenyan has been nominated for the award. They were nominated for the 'Best International Act - Africa' category.
Can you remember the hilarious movie The Gods must be crazy? If yes, then this will be more intriguing as award
Thursday, 24 May 2012 11:55

Top trending video right now

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You probably have an idea about which song is trending right now. hardly a month after the release and the track's video is number one on the trending list.
Sensational rapper Abbas Kubaff will be giving a lecture at the University of
Thursday, 24 May 2012 10:17

Rev Kathy Kiuna releases her new awesome single

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JCC pastor/singer Rev Kathy Kiuna has officially released her new single ‘Mapambo’ together with JCC praise and worship team.
Ok so by now the news about Camp Mulla being nominated for a BET award is old news...
DJ Mo is a member of the System Unit Crew, alongside Alemba, DK and DJ Tabz. In a recent interview, DJ Mo was questioned about his origins before he made the leap to become a popular DJ. He said that he wishes that he could continue doing some of the things he could do when he was still an 'ordinary,' but unfortunately his circumstances prevent him from doing so.




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