The name Mumala Maloba may not raise eyebrows until you hear this girl sang. That was no typo, when you scale up the vocal prowess levels, you become a sanger.
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 14:08

Sage is at it again!

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I'm a big believer in omens and the universe speaking in subtle or loud hints! Immediately I thought of posting about Sage, her song began playing at One FM. Signs. If you don't know who Sage is by now and you consider yourself an aficionado of local music, you need your card revoked. She blew up earlier this year when she collaborated with Octopizzo on her debut club banger 'So Alive', undoubtedly one of the best songs to be unveiled this year. The first time I heard "I dream of a sky where the lights never die down, I'm awake in my sleep and i'm falling to the ground..." in that amazing lower register that soars effortlessly an octave higher in the chorus, I knew this was a certified hit. She recently posted an unplugged version of the song, that allows you to savour her voice in it's unadulterated form.…
Jaguar has recently been making moves in politics.
While watching Jay A's track "Pledge My Love" which features Anto Neosoul, one can't help but notice the castle in the background. the video is based on some fairy tale role play with a princess falling inlove with a courtier as the prince looks on.
Octopizzo has today taken to social media to urge his fans to help his video remain viral. "NOW AT 79,000 VIEWS 1K views remaining to hit 80,000 ViewsKeep watching and share na Kila mtaa zidini kudumisha AMANI," he shared on his wall.
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 12:17

Kenzo Vows To Stop Having Sex

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Kenzo has been in a fix lately.
Adam Wagwau and i attended this nightingale's song release party. Adam being a rather artistic guy, was impressed by more than Darcq's vocals. He loved her video. Me being me, the simple individual that i am, was impressed by her vocals and stunning looks.
The media is rife with stories that people are not going to work because they are awaiting results, and the economy is suffering for it. Following the historic elections on Monday, Nairobi was virtually a ghost town save for a few restaurants that were open to cater to patrons that chose to come to town.
DJ Joe Mfalme is among a select few Kenyans who have been nominated for a DJ awards ceremnoy that seeks to recognize and honour top African deejays.
Ladies and gentlemen, Tina Kagia's boss is on his way to Parliarment. Alexander Kimutai Kigen Kosgey a.k.a Alex Kosgey or as he is popularly known as, Tina Kagia's mdosi has clinched the Emgwen Parliamentary seat on an URP ticket.


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