These are the profiles of the people performing tomorrow at the Afro Jazz concert going down tomorrow at Phoenix Theatres!

As I tend to do every Thursday, I notify you of the events that you can check out today if are looking for plot as they say.

I read once, that rainmakers knew something that science only found out recently, that drumming a certian rythm causes rain clouds to gather!

This being Thursday, wondering what to do with yourself? I have ideas, check them out below.

Singers have encores, what do playwrights have? Re-runs of their staged shows! That's how to celebrate awesome works of art!

I have heard so much about this play, that I'm stoked that it gets to show again at Phoenix theatres. It went all the way to London if I'm not wrong.

You must be wondering what event to attend this evening right? Fret not, I'm always here to rescue you!

Ever wanted to go for an event where you check in and your picture is taken? Strike that pose in anticipation.

Last week I gave you the low down on the romance brewing at Phoenix Theatres, did you catch that?


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