Christmas is around the corner, in just less than a week we will be all celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, as we have grown to be told that this is the day Jesus Christ was born.

Caroline Mutoko has finally given the public a glimpse of her private life, you will be surprised to know she hustled her way up just like most of us.

Caroline Mutoko’s angel, Nduku, is celebrating her fourth birthday today and her mom is all excited and worried at the same time.

When everyone seemed to be condemning Doctor-Prophet-Pastor Kanyari, Caroline Mutoko took a different approach to the saga and emphasized on the positive lessons that can be learnt from the incident.

When it comes to issues relating to unearthing matters some people would wish they remain under water, I can bet Robert Alai is the maestro as he has continuously revealed some exclusive stories that have hit the headlines a couple of times.

Robert did his usual digging and has come out with interesting news about Caroline’s brand new Toyota Land Cruiser V8. Robert claims Caroline could have parted way with over KES 7 million to acquire the Japanese SUV ride as it is a new model and even costing more.

land cruiser v8

Robert having proved to be a reliable source in a number of times, you can bet he is right. So the radio queen has a taste for big toys? This car sure is a signature ride and it almost rivals the Range Rover but then again its Japanese so…

roberto a


Yesterday the Star newspaper published one story that made all tongues talking about it and one Caroline Mutoko being a concerned party, she had to weigh in on the story.

What do you think is the best gift for a man like Churchill? Well Caroline Mutoko knows it better as the gift she gave Churchill just tells it all.

The terrific trio that made mornings on Kiss 100 interesting was recently disbanded. Caroline Mutoko left radio and Linda and Chipukeezy left the morning slot to the dynamic duo that consists of Shaffie and Kalekye.


They say that if you have to make the cut to be among the elite club of millionaires then one has to not only work hard but be smarter as well; true to this Caroline Mutoko is working smarter and I would bet she belongs to that exclusive social club that most people admire.

Are you somewhere around any park in Nairobi? You better watch closely who you are meeting as you are likely to bump into Caroline Mutoko.

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