It was a smooth flowing conversation before it spiraled out of control to a verbal tirade. Sonko unapologetically stripped Caroline Mutoko like never seen before.


Celebrated former radio personality Caroline Mutoko has been running a series of clips through her you tube channel, talking about the boy child and how they grow and become respectable men.

The boy child, according to many analysts, is an endangered species in Kenya after the girl child got more attention and care. This has led many to question what they feel is neglecting the boy child as the girl child is drawing more and more attention.

When Laura Oyier appeared on the Trend last Friday evening, she was all smiles. Her Intercontinental Hotel bills which landed her in court had been offset. And she said it was Radio Africa's Caroline Mutoko who bailed her out and offered her a job.

The heaven-sent Caroline Mutoko is once again positively touching a life of a less fortunate kid who is suffering from a mysterious eye condition that has caused her left eye to swell.


First lady Margaret Kenyatta has made headlines recently for all the good reasons. She has been on the run to better maternal health care and make sure that women and children do not perish during birth.

The former radio queen has revealed that ever since she finished her high school studies she has never become broke and she will never become broke.


When she was taken to court for failing to pay her Intercontinental Hotel bills amounting to close to Kshs.300,000, Laura Oyier stunned the country after a wonderful Valentines with what is alleged to be her boyfriend who deserted her.

Caroline Mutoko is one very respected woman especially after her voice ruled radio for over a decade, amassing a wonderful support from Kenyans.

The former radio queen has been on the run advocating for the immediate return to air of the four TV stations that shut themselves down in protest of what they allege is harassment from the government over digital migration.

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