Radio Jambo’s Teke Teke hosts Mbusii and Lion have earned admiration from the radio queen herself for the great work the pair are doing.

H_art the Band (Kenya) release the highly anticipated video for their debut hit single Uliza Kiatu under their label Penya Africa.

In a duration of about a year, we have seen two radio queens hang up their microphones.

You are all aware that Caroline Mutoko will be leaving The Kiss100 Breakfast Show on 29th of September, which is this coming Monday.

Controversial is the word... and Caroline Mutoko is the name!


The death of her sister was probably one of the most traumatizing moment on her life, even so; Caroline Mutoko has eight inspirational reasons why she is grateful this Monday morning.


Caroline Mutoko and Ciku Muiruri are some of the biggest names in the country when it comes to matters concerning the radio; even so, they have attracted hate from some quarters which saw them ranked among the top ten most hated women in the country.

The sudden death of Regina Mutoko is still heart-breaking to many people especially her family; the country’s top celebrities are standing strong with the bereaved family and are sending in their sincere condolences.

I dropped out of university. My mother recently asked me whether I regretted my decision to drop out of university and the honest answer for me, my truth, Uncle Chim Tuna's truth is "No!".
Working at Ghafla with Baba Ghafla has afforded me more opportunities than I would ever have had if I had a degree.

Today morning, Caroline Mutoko, Linda Nyangweso and Chipukeezy were having a rather insightful conversation that explained why Kenya's entertainment industry has been unable to grow and prosper. No, the 5-7 truly financially successful artists do not a successful entertainment represent. Think about it. Really stew on it for a minute.

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