I dropped out of university. My mother recently asked me whether I regretted my decision to drop out of university and the honest answer for me, my truth, Uncle Chim Tuna's truth is "No!".
Working at Ghafla with Baba Ghafla has afforded me more opportunities than I would ever have had if I had a degree.

Today morning, Caroline Mutoko, Linda Nyangweso and Chipukeezy were having a rather insightful conversation that explained why Kenya's entertainment industry has been unable to grow and prosper. No, the 5-7 truly financially successful artists do not a successful entertainment represent. Think about it. Really stew on it for a minute.

Vera was the first celebrity to come out and boldly admit to bleaching or "toning" for the more affluent with pretenses of culture about them. And when she did so, there was reportedly a boom in the world of bleaching creams as chemists selling bleaching agents begun seeing brisk business as ladies rushed to get their hands on even the backstreet bleaching agents laden with mercury.

On June 20th, Business Daily unveiled its 2014 list of ‘Top 40 Under 40’ women in Kenya, a list that is acknowledged across the globe.

As the paper has done consistently in the past six years, itinvited its readers to nominate women aged under 40 who in their view have made significant achievements in whatever segments of our society and economy.


The day you've all been waiting for is finally here! Big Brother Africa auditions are upon us good people! While we are all dying to find out who will rep us this year, one of our predictions has shown interest.

When we did an article about celebrities we would love to see dating, we paired up Larry Madowo and Caroline Mutoko. Why you might ask? Because they share to common denominators, they aren't shy to say what's on their mind and they do so without a care in the world. Then there is the little fact that Kenyans on social media love to hate on them. What more could you ask for?

Last week I carried Caroline Mutoko's opinion on bleaching after Vera Sidika's bleaching took the country by storm. her opinion seemed to irk a multitude but as Frank Ocean sang on "No Church In The Wild" the lead track off Jay Z& Kanye's collaborative album Watch The Throne; "Human beings in a mob/ what's a mob to a QUEEN/ what's a QUEEN to a god..."

Uncle Chim Tuna has decided to allow Kenya's most intelligent female celebrities and media personalities an opportunity to speak out about their take on bleaching. When I reached out to Caroline Mutoko who is out of the country in New York, she responded with some very harsh words. I need everyone to read what she has to say very carefully and internalize.

Everyone seems to have something to tell Caroline Mutoko, so many Open Letters! The latest open letter to her was written as soon as she cleared the air concerning her comments on ‘The Nairobi University goons’.

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