Knut chairman Wilson Sossion will crucify Caroline Mutoko over her opinion. The former Radio Queen is openly rooting for teachers not to be given a pay rise!

Call them the ultimate alpha females, some are so fierce that they scare the living daylights out of the very men boasting of having the highest concentration of testosterone.

Kenya and its people is a laid back country and an introverted one, so to speak. We harbor traditions, cultures and beliefs which we have clung to so religiously that any attempt to dislodge us from them is met with not only severe backlash but massive rebuke and threats of excommunication. And perhaps this explains why to some extent we have managed to maintain and retain some very important morals amongst us.


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Kiss Breakfast is usually one of the most tuned in shows in Nairobi, so I am sure that Kalekye and Shaffie’s absence for the last 3 weeks has not gone unnoticed.

Here are the top celebrities based on monthly searches on Google.


It was a smooth flowing conversation before it spiraled out of control to a verbal tirade. Sonko unapologetically stripped Caroline Mutoko like never seen before.


Celebrated former radio personality Caroline Mutoko has been running a series of clips through her you tube channel, talking about the boy child and how they grow and become respectable men.

The boy child, according to many analysts, is an endangered species in Kenya after the girl child got more attention and care. This has led many to question what they feel is neglecting the boy child as the girl child is drawing more and more attention.

When Laura Oyier appeared on the Trend last Friday evening, she was all smiles. Her Intercontinental Hotel bills which landed her in court had been offset. And she said it was Radio Africa's Caroline Mutoko who bailed her out and offered her a job.

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