Wednesday, 25 September 2013 10:58

Rogue ‘Gospel’ Producer on the Loose!

Nelson Tiger, a gospel video producer with Mind Vision is on the spot yet again for swindling money from Gospel artists. Few months ago, Tiger was on the spot for defrauding upcoming artists. 

Falling in love is a choice but finding true love is a chance. Being with the one you truly love is often accompanied by true feeling of happiness especially if it is a secure, connected relationship is you've always wanted.

Pulse were upto their old tricks again, giving us tidbits then leaving us hanging. They are guilty of giving their readers mental blue-soccerballs!

After seeing just how epic The Lounge can get with the right artistes last week, you now know what the Friday plan has to be.

Have you often wondered who the new generation of female artists are represented by?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012 14:43

DJ Josh back with a new gospel track

DJ Josh seems to be coming in out of the musical cold.

The latest and biggest African gospel hit song of the year, ‘Ole’, is also the greatest Kenyan music video ever. The song is sang

Due to public demand, award winning gospel artiste Jimmy Gait is giving all his fans a chance to download his new hit track

Friday, 18 May 2012 13:55

Oleey Oleey: Hit or Miss?

With all the hype surrounding the track "Oleey Oleey" by Jimmy Gait featuring Holy Dave& Chuchu...

Sensational award winning artiste Jimmy Gait is back with another hit song ‘Oleey oleey’ featuring talented gospel rapper Holy Dave and up-coming singer Chuchu. Listen to the song here.

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