This afternoon, Shaffie Weru broke the news that 2 Chainz would not be coming to Kenya.

Shaffie Weru is one of the most popular radio personalities around and with great reason. The lad has one of the most popular show in his time slot -last I checked, second only to Mbusi on Radio Jambo. Ciku Muiruri also has a very popular show for her timeslot. The issue they were invited to NTV to discuss was ethics -or lack thereof- on mainstream radio.

Shaffie Weru and Debbie Asila have a very beautiful daughter called Milan. Now the thing about parenthood is that no matter the gender of your child, you want them to be a success. You want them to excel at whatever they apply themselves to. Fortunately for Shaffie and Debbie Asila, former group member of "Tatu", their daughter is doing just that.

The dynamic duo of Kenyan radio are back at it! Shaffie Weru and Kalekye Mumo decided to take groundies. What's a groundie? It's the African response to a selfie. How does it work? Well, it's pretty simple really...

Africa's biggest and widely watched reality TV series is back! Yes Big Brother Africa season 9 is here and the auditions for Kenyan will be going down this Wednesday (3rd) and Thursday (4th) at The Hilton Hotel.  Well, it's up for the judges to decide who'll represent Kenya this time round, but after discussion with the team, we came up with a list of 5 personalities we would love to see in the house come 7 September 2014, simply cause they have the personality and will definitely keep conversation going on.

Ja Rule was at one point the hottest rappers in the game. Personally, I never really felt his singing "rap" but I guess I was just one drop in the ocean to the millions who lapped up his music. Then again, I was biased. I was all about G-Unit. What a fool I was back then. Anyway, Ja Rule was in Kenya for a concert that was filled to capacity inspite of the rain.

My mother always said, "There are those who live in Nairobi and there are those who dwell. It's up to you Chim to decide on which side of that divide you want to be". I made up my mind a long time ago and I have never looked back. But that is another story for another day. For today, I want to show you some of the cars Shaffie Weru's super rich friends are driving...

Kiss F.M’s Shaffie Weru definitely know how to pick them.From Debbie Asila to Jada Joan Mwihaki his women have been nothing short of fine-looking.

It just seems like the other day when sultry and vocally talented Tattu member, Debbie Asila, and celebrated radio host, Shaffie Weru, welcomed their baby, Milan. Few years down the line, the young girl is all grown up.

The weekend was looking bleak. The thirst was threatening to finish me. My phone has been rifling with people calling to ask what the plan is. I was stumped. And that is not a feeling I like. I am the man with the plan and I am never short of plans! but for this one instance, I was stomped. Then my phone calendar alert went off. Today is the 4th of April aye? So guess which club is finally back?

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