It just seems like the other day when sultry and vocally talented Tattu member, Debbie Asila, and celebrated radio host, Shaffie Weru, welcomed their baby, Milan. Few years down the line, the young girl is all grown up.

The weekend was looking bleak. The thirst was threatening to finish me. My phone has been rifling with people calling to ask what the plan is. I was stumped. And that is not a feeling I like. I am the man with the plan and I am never short of plans! but for this one instance, I was stomped. Then my phone calendar alert went off. Today is the 4th of April aye? So guess which club is finally back?

Shaffie Weru is one of the hottest brands in Kenya's entertainment scene at the moment. And why not? He hosts one of the hottest radio shows in the country (and that is fact) and he is also an excellent MC. But before all these accolades were pouring in, he was a simple student trying to make his way to qualification papers.

Shaffie Weru has been in the headlines in years past for all the wrong reasons. From his relationship with Debbie Asila to allegation of impropriety. It wasn't until recently that people became objective about him as a man and as a human being that we begun to see his other side: Shaffie Weru the father, Shaffie Weru the friend, Shaffie Weru the professional.

Kiss 100 is one of the most profitable radio stations in Kenya and with good reason: they have a huge market share of the radio audience and they also happen to be just the right LSM. That basically means that the demographic that tunes into Kiss has purchasing power.

Shaffie Weru is one of the most stylish Kenyan celebrities no lie but we all have a past, somewhere we all started from and unless you were born with a silver spoon up the keyster, you probably started off ratchet and ashy. But that's the beauty of self made men -the ability to trace your way back to where it all started.

Shaffie Weru is just that guy. He has rubbed shoulders with the who-is-who. I am not referring to the hoipoloi but rather the big ballers. And while on his runs, he happened to snap a picture of the cars and he compiled them. Some of the cars bear Kenyan registration plates, others European registration plats betraying where it is the were imported from.

Shaffie Weru is one funny man. The Shafstar is also an avowed Chelsea supporter. So it comes as no surprise that the lad will be happy to take shots at Arsenal after the club dropped points in the English Premier League this weekend which saw the the Blues get a strong foothold on the top spot.

The Sword of Damolces. That was the first thought that went through my head when I first heard about the story about a model by the name Vanessa Chettle going round infecting people with AIDS. Not because it applies to her but because to occasion maximum damage to her and to give the story some mileage, the names of top Kenyan celebrities were dropped into the mix.

Vanessa Chettle is the name that has been on everyone's lips since Saturday. When Kenya-Post first wrote about her, they alleged that she had slept with Nick Mutuma, model Ephy Saint and a host of other celebrities including the DJs at Changes. That wasn't the most absurd or cruel rumour they peddled about the lass; they also alleged that she had HIV/AIDS.

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