I think it is safe to say that Wahu and Nameless is Kenya’s most beloved and famous couple. Even my grand mum knows them and if my grandma knows you, then you are a big deal!

A scandalous story by a certain blog has gone viral. The post is about Wahu and Nameless’ alleged end to their marriage.

Someone got all the nerves to boldly tell singer Nameless that he loves his wife oblivious of how the husband (Nameless) would react.

Hurraay!! are the words dropping out of the singer's lips after her salon garnered 20,000 likes on facebook.


After the Ice Bucket Challenge comes another exhilarating challenge that will probably trend with the same magnitude like the former and Nameless’s wife recently completed it successfully.

 The two lovebirds have decided to share an exclusive moment together in bed and sure from the looks of things they were really enjoying themselves.


They are the celebrity couple who everyone wants to emulate; setting a benchmark in the country is an achievement that has not come easy for Nameless and Wahu.

Uncle Chim Tuna strikes again! Hopefully I will not leave an unhappy family in my wake but a man must do what a man must do even if it's across the border -and here I am referring to Nameless, not me. My two women are in Kenya happily coexisting because I am that African man!

Hands down, Nameless and Wahu are Kenya’s showbiz power couple and the delicious-looking celebrity couple's every move prompts mouthwatering envy. It’s safe to say that this couple is our very own version of Jay and Bey.

Unlike what they tell you in those sappy romantic comedies, you will not crash into your spouse who will then help you lift your books before you gaze into each other’s eyes and everything moves in slow motion. You could meet your spouse in a very simple way, such as Wahu.

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