Uncle Chim Tuna strikes again! Hopefully I will not leave an unhappy family in my wake but a man must do what a man must do even if it's across the border -and here I am referring to Nameless, not me. My two women are in Kenya happily coexisting because I am that African man!

Hands down, Nameless and Wahu are Kenya’s showbiz power couple and the delicious-looking celebrity couple's every move prompts mouthwatering envy. It’s safe to say that this couple is our very own version of Jay and Bey.

Unlike what they tell you in those sappy romantic comedies, you will not crash into your spouse who will then help you lift your books before you gaze into each other’s eyes and everything moves in slow motion. You could meet your spouse in a very simple way, such as Wahu.

Who said selfies are dead? Well, the trend might be on its death-bed but it’s still kicking (last kicks) thanks to groundies. Nameless has taken the world of selfies by storm with a major selfie of his family; Wahu and his daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio.

For those of you who have not realised it yet, a #groundie is the new favourite pose for some Africans (only heavens know why). It's the latest craze in town and has taken over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Celebrated Kenyan top female artiste Wahu Kagwi recently shared photos of her baby bump, though it was late after she had delivered, the photos which she shared with her fans on her Facebook profile had a sweet message to her daughter Nyakio. "We loved you from before you were born my precious nyakio Motherhood joys!!! I take nothing for granted. Asante Mungu!"

Ladies, how many of you know that aside from music, Wahu is a business woman? Aye, that's right. She took all the money she has been raking in from her royalties and show monies and she started a business. And for the business she decided to invest in, she went with what she knows best: and what would a lady like Wahu know best?

Wahu Kagwi and husband Nameless may be stars with a successful musical career, but the real star at home is their baby Nyakio!


This year, the MTV Africa Music Awards better known as MAMA will be held in South Africa for the first time, since they launched in 2008.

On average, it takes a new mother just as many months to take off the baby weight as it does to put it on. However, it’s pretty apparent that celeb moms bounce back from pregnancy faster than the average woman.

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