Wahu Kagwi and husband Nameless may be stars with a successful musical career, but the real star at home is their baby Nyakio!


This year, the MTV Africa Music Awards better known as MAMA will be held in South Africa for the first time, since they launched in 2008.

On average, it takes a new mother just as many months to take off the baby weight as it does to put it on. However, it’s pretty apparent that celeb moms bounce back from pregnancy faster than the average woman.

Celebs are just like us! Ok, maybe not, because they’re rich and famous. But when it comes to baby nursing, they also nurse their babies! No matter how many millions you make you can't pay someone else to do it, no matter how.


Last Sunday, it was exactly 11 years since Kenya’s legendary hip-hop artist, E-Sir, left us. However, his memories are still fresh thanks to his hits that continue to rule the airwaves. Kenyan power couple, Wahu and Nameless have each eulogized the Moss Mosshit-maker.

Hollywood is the home of beauty and talent. The number one, film industry in the world has produced a number of beautiful and talented actresses. These actresses earn name, fame and money in the films they feature in. Some actresses are really minting making millions of dollars.

Celebrity children are fortunate enough to enjoy expensive and over the top birthday parties because of their famous parents. But for little Nyakio, that will have to wait until she’s at least 1.

Well, death is inevitable and we all don't know when it will come. Anyway, what if you knew it's your last day alive, what would you do? (silence), yes,I asked a few celebrities the same question and here's how they responded;


Losing weight is hard enough; losing weight after pregnancy I can imagine is an uphill task. Wahu recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and is on a mission to bring her sexy body back.

In essence, the holiday season is the time to relax and unwind after a period of ups and downs. It’s the season for gifts, parties, friends, family and food. However, for singer Wahu it was all blissful as it was accompanied by stress.

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