Former socialite turned entrepreneur Vera Sidika or if you like Vee S Beiby was hosting a show in a new adults club in town. Well it looks it was more than just music and booze affair, check out these photos courtesy of E News to see for yourself what went down. 

It’s Throwback Thursday and you know what that means. Today let’s focus on top socialite and video vixen Vera Sidika a.k.a. Vee Beiby.

Kenyan socialites seem to be in a competition of who’s got it all; guise, wealth and which men they are rolling around with. It just gives you the impression of a scene in a Nollywood movie.

I was really curious about whether or not Vera sidika like alot of the lasses I know would look horrible without her make up on. So curious was I that I actually spent hours looking for a picture of her visage devoid of the stuff -yeah, I said that! How else you fit know even Nwasante can dey blow grammar?

I stumbled across Str8 Up's interview of Vera Sidika a.k.a Vee Beiby. And it was quite an interesting one.



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