Missed Jicho Pevu's Ghururi Ya Saitoti? Watch It Here.

Monday, 08 April 2013 09:58 , Written by 

Jesus! No I'm not taking the Lord's name in vain, some of y'all need him! Have you seen the venom that is spewed on social media lately? Let's just start with the drama that was spawned yesterday when this clip aired!


I just watched a bit of it in the office, so I'm sure there are many others who haven't watched. Thank Goodness for small mercies like Youtube. Well if you missed the drama on social media, the infamous Ciku Muiruri was 'busted'. If you see the wall on her Facebook page, you will realize why there there is need to curtail many of you on social media. Whilst I'm all for freedom of expression, when one's freedom infringes on anothers, or is used as an excuse to spread retrogressive vitriol or defame, then we have a huge problem. And yes, while my post may prove unpopular, I'm allowed to have a stance. I do hope that the truth about this whole death saga is uncovered, because when it comes to veiling truth even walls can talk.


Watch the clip below, it's uber long. Then read her retort here, it's addressed to Mohammed Ali. The reply was written by Chim, who happens to be on air right now on 91.5 hits with Miss Mandi. Of-course Ciku is supposedly not without reproach, Mister Majani wrote about how her show is scripted. Really? Read about that here as well.

The video below is courtesy of KTN'S Youtube channel.

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