Mwenyehaki is an award winning Performing and recording artist, a song writer, a band leader and above all, a worship leader.
After bringing you the bubbly and brilliant Camp Mulla, Sub Sahara Entertainment Ltd presents the newest kid in the Musik Block, Biko.
A while back, it seemed Calif had taken a new direction, concentrating on building upcoming artists. Seems I was wrong in that assumption. But that will not hinder the progress, they were actually back in the backroom strategising on how to corner the entertainment market and it would seem they have an answer.
Octopizzo is one of the most hardcore people I have ever met. And when he talks to you, the fact that he had a rough, tough past and that is why, when I saw this picture, I figured it wouldn't be right not to share afterall, it aint no fun and all that. So , allow me to go into the picture.
Integrated telecommunication services provider Orange has signed an agreement with local Kenyan musician Juliani that will see the popular musician sell his third album, ‘Exponential potential’, exclusively through the Telco’s 35 flagship outlets across the country.    
They say that you never miss the water till the well runs dry and its clear as day that people Miss Huddah Monroe, haters and fans alike. Truth be told, we loved her frolics on social media, her life was our entertainment.
Tedd Josiah is one of the most decorated veterans of the Kenyan entertainment scene. His accomplishes would leave any green. And so, when he speaks, you would do best to listen YoloSwagger! Pay attention, draw close to his feet and soak up some of the knowledge. And today's topic will have most people angry because he basically is saying what I have always said, Naija music is miles ahead of the pack!
  Sauti Sol’s concoction of lively rhythms have made the group one of East Africa’s most celebrated boy bands, nay, men band as Ben-Aime Baraza would say.
Back in the day, Beenie Man was a very huge act. He visited Kenya and drove everyone wild -if you go in for the dancehall tip. And one of the people he got to jam with and have a photo taken with is Caroline Mutoko and Muthoni Bwika. And my oh my, the picture tells a story, nay it writes up a novel, the like of which Ludlum would go green with envy over.
Thursday, 17 April 2014 09:29

Quail Eggs Inspire Ken Wa Maria's New Song

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Just like quail eggs Ken Wa Maria was  in style in 2013 ,this is due to his hit song ‘Fundamentals’ that had underlying sexual innuendos that Kenyan folk love so much.
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