Ugandan sensational singer and East Africa’s finest artiste Jose Chameleone has managed to curve a niche for himself from his well-crafted and executed music.
  International beef! AM Live host, Kobi Kihara, was infuriated by Jay Z’s action and she decided to take a dig at him.
Yesterday President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed singer Jaguar as a board member of the government agency dealing with drug use and abuse, NACADA.
  Gospel songbird, Size 8, has hit headlines countless times for various reasons. Ever since she saw the light, her name has never been linked to any incident that raises eyebrows, till now.
  One would think Bonoko is not the kind that goes around begging for mere Kes 300 from a student. But he did anyway, pleaded for it!
  Tanzanian songstress Lady Jay Dee has been in the country and yesterday she was doing rounds Kenyan radio stations to introduce her new song and also give an insight about her life; music life and love life.
There is no musician in Kenya who can rival Jaguar in terms of connections, the singer can knock on the highest office in the land and believe you me, the door will be opened unto him within a snap of the finger.
  If it’s sweet words then MC Jessy has them, one that can lure a lady to his arms. The comedy master used his refined words to put a smile on Shix Kapyenga.
Is Colonel Mustafa and Prezzo having a beef? That’s an interesting question to start with given that it seems to be more of a media creation.
Gospel wonder kid, Papa Dennis, is set to hit headlines with his new project. The flamboyant singer is in search of 200 hotties to feature in his video.
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