We all know MCSK gala night is going down on Monday night- Mashujaa day and guess who’s not performing? Diamond Platnumz. This is a story which has created quite a buzz on social media for the better part of the day. Since its Ghafla, we took it upon ourselves to confirm and indeed Diamond is not being paid 1.2 million. As a matter of fact he’s NOT even being paid at all since he’s not scheduled to perform. According to Maurice Okoth, CEO MCSK, Diamond is just gracing the event to have a good time and watch fellow Kenyan artists perform and he also clarified where all this emanated from. Apparently Diamond was in the country the other day to collect his cheque for royalties and to be specific broadcasting royalties. He happened to be the highest paid foreign earner according to the music body. In the process he heard…
  For majority of us, our 20’s are spent in mediocre jobs, dingy bars and in awfully lot of bad decisions. Not for this guy however. In his 20’s, he’s already the director at Chandaria industries. This is a flagship of Chandaria group with several other industries in Tanzania, Uganda and India. Darshan Chandaria is at the helm of this all under the stewardship of his father Mahesh Chandaria. And he didn’t just inherit all this; he has worked hard to be where he is. A business management graduate, his love for business emanates from his university days. Instead of spending his time gallivanting in the clubs like most of us, he spent his time working with different businesses and mostly at Chandaria industries. And there is more. He’s also a member of Young Presidents to organizations (YPO), African leadership Network, and African philanthropy forum amid others. This has taken…
Friday, 17 October 2014 18:27

Swagger Cop Aims at Top Music Spot in Kenya

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After a successful release and launch of his new single “Me and You”at club Tribeka few days ago, Massiger, also known as the Swagger Cop, has his sight set on being the next big thing, but like any other venture, he opens up his challenging journey from responsibilities of law enforcement, and as a law abiding cop- to more demanding musical activities.
Singer Akothee could as well have landed the deal of the year as she is set to do a collaboration with South Africa’s finest singing duo Mafikizolo.
  Ghafla Kenya has been running articles about dancehall singer, Blaqy and his new video that will be released next week.
  She may not be so famous in Kenya like other Kenyan celebrities but singer Akothee is well known for her song Nimechoka, in which she accuses her husband of many years of infidelity and betrayal.
It is rumored to be the bombshell of the entertainment show biz as it is said it will be dropping the dope that the youth best need to be intoxicated with when it comes to infotainment.
As Rapper Wangechi recuperates at home,Her fellow female rapper in the 'LIGI SOO' Remix Shikow Femione is busy churning out new hot material. And her latest work MUST surely make her friend Wangechi NOT only totally entertained but also re-energized.
  We all love our country. We all want the best for our country. Except for a few egocentric and self-centred individuals, everybody wants the best for Kenya. I am among the everybody. This is why I am offering this advice to our esteemed artists. Celebrities to be precise.
Talk of music taking people places then lady Karun of the split group Camp Mulla will tell you all as she met with one of America’s finest Rnb/soul singer Miguel.
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