Apart from singing, Willy Paul is a very talented dancer as well, he can shake it down the Michael Jackson way.
Now that she publicly denounced ever dating Jalaong’o and G Kon, one will be eager to know who Avril is truly dating.
The state of security has been a subject of discussion in the country for a while after a series of attacks on Kenyans left many of them dead, the most recent being the Mandera attack carried out by Al-Shabaab insurgents who ambushed a bus and killed 28 christians at close range.
Ebola is one of the deadliest human diseases that the world has ever battled with and that to date, everybody is trying to eradicate as it continues to ravage lives in West Africa and other parts of the world due to its contagious nature.
Since the launch of Candy Clear Channel, underground and upcoming artists have had a platform to launch their artistic careers; Candy n Candy Records ultimately unveils the finest artist of this week, who tops all other artists with the MOST increase of views for this week.
The most philanthropic musician in Kenyan history is at it again. After doing a remix of his hit song one centimetre with Nigeria’s top musician Iyanya, Jaguar has again made it to our headlines, this time round though, from our neighbours Tanzania.
Everybody by now knows Jaguar and Nairobi senator Mike Sonko are tight buddies, but do you know Sonko terribly backstabbed Jaguar once?
A popular rapper is lucky to have escaped with his life after his motorbike got involved in an accident thanks to a careless matatu driver.
The country has been shaken of late by the lapse in security which has seen many Kenyans lose their lives by bullet and blasts. The latest is the case of Al-Shabaab insurgents infiltrating into Mandera, killing 28 travellers and fleeing back to Somalia.
With incidents of women stripping being on the rise in Kenya, artistes and other Kenyans in diaspora have expressed their frustrations with the barbaric acts as they join the fight against violence on women.
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