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UK Shows Some Love To Papa Dennis (+Photos)

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Papa Dennis is currently out of the country as you may know.
The singer has come up with a tantrum that looks like it is aimed at some artistes and which is likely to stir beef between her and her counterparts.
The radio presenter and singer collaborated with one of the two nemesis to release a song a few years ago and now she discusses Octopizzo and his close nemesis, Khaligraph Jones.
Twerking has dominated the floor of almost every club in the entire world. But the titillating global dance is slowly facing extinction as some countries prohibit it.
  Former Kiss FM’s radio queen, Caroline Mutoko, has issued a stern warning to women cautioning them against calling Classic FM’s most popular presenter, Maina Kageni.
It is very rare for an artiste, and not just an artiste but many people in a competition, to concede defeat even when it is crystal clear they are on the losing end.
  Pastor Eric Omba has moved to his ancestral land. The man of God was spotted busy cultivating their rural farm.
Sauti Sol made headlines two years ago when they released one of the most controversial videos that got an outright ban because of the dirtiness and explicitness it exhibited.
An ideal African woman should be in full possession of goodies or fundamentals or what their mamas gave them. The posteriors and anteriors should rhyme quite well, a glittering face, contoured body and of course those eyes that speak more than the mouth. As Biko Zulu once put it, the posterior should be shimmering, not shaking.
He has been in the industry since his hey days in high school, he like, Rita Fletcher would quip, is one of the most versatile artists of all time. He only needs a little airplay and he will turn out just right. 
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