Tuesday, 25 November 2014 17:57

NTV Host Looks Stunning On This Magazine Cover (Photo)

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The phenomenal Faith Muturi who won "Presenter of the Year" Extreme Awards is now the cover girl for the latest East African magazine in the market.
Kenya’s richest female singer has other interesting side that the media hasn’t known for a while, this one only the people in her inner cycle gets to enjoy.
  During the entire preparation for his song, dance hall singer Blaqy promised us one of the most captivating singles of his entire singing life.
According to a survey conducted by IPSOS, Radio Citizen’s dominance has not been challenged as it still maintains the top spot over all other radio stations in the country.
  Award winning music group Sauti Sol has decided to publicly share the secrets behind their success in music showbiz, these are pointers other musicians need to strongly focus on.
Tuesday, 25 November 2014 12:42

These Maasai's Have Done It Again Folks(video)

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The first time someone suggested this to me, I was reluctant to watch it, I was not sure if the video would live to the hype they had created, then I watched in silence, taken aback by the rapping skills in the song.  Let me me teach you sociology for a moment, did you know that the Maasai's are one of the ethnic groups that put us on the map as authentic Africans? Okay, Probably that's not sociology, but you seriously need to give this song an ear!!  Sang in a beautiful variation of Swahili and Accented with heavy Maasai, this has to be the best Gospel song of 2014! Shout out to Shengena Gospel Panorama for this awesome video "Simu Ya Mukono" I know you  will agree with me on this one  here is the video:  
Yesterday saw another celebrity rub shoulders with the authorities in Naivasha, after what the celebrity termed as refusing to give a bribe to the police officers for tinting the windows of his car.
The money she has consistently lost to Maina Kageni is enough to convince Carol Radull she shouldn’t be gambling with her cash again.
Singer Nameless has been in the music industry for long, very long indeed. In his glittering music career, he has done great artistic works that have catapulted him to greater heights and to fame in the world of singing.
Naivasha traffic police have been harassing motorists for a while now and even after being exposed a couple of times, they have proved to have undying determination in executing their impunity.
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