Friday, 23 January 2015 18:38

Jaguar Lashes Out At Nigerians Again!

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Jaguar has been particularly unhappy with the way Nigerians handle kenyan music, The Nigerians are very fond of doing collabos all over Africa and have slowly infiltrated our music scene making it impossible for any other artist to to get a thing going. 
Songbird Nyota Ndogo is taking the initiative to ensure that her new house is built to perfection ahead of settling in the new mansion soon.
Gospel artist Ringtone is a besieged man after seeing his love snatched away from him, without any help.
"Watu hutoka mbali", that is the phrase that came at the back of my mind the first time I came across Josh's photo as a young boy.
What a joy when one sees their children grow healthy and happy.
Friday, 23 January 2015 12:57

P-units Breaks-up!

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The Boy band P-unit  has finally given in to the fates. It took too long to call it quits but finally 2015, the year of Shining and glory the boy-band had split shortly after releasing their hit song "Weka-Weka" 
 At some point we all know that they shall have to square it out! I'm not trying to force two really hot girls to a claw fight, but they can never exist in duality! There has to be a winner  ,and a loser, there is simply no way around that.
How things turn around really leaves us perplexed at times.
Allegations that Tanzanian songbird Rose Muhando procured an abortion shocked the Christian world yesterday, with majority of her legion feeling utterly led down by the unfortunate acts of the singer.
  Sensational Ugandani singer Jose Cameleone has discussed the beef he has had with other musicians across East Africa.
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