Jackson Makini best known as Prezzo has officially introduced the newest member of CMB family; his own baby!
Before we all burn Octopizzo at stake, which he deserves by the way, lets hold our horses, he has just joined others before him who have perfected the art of taking existing music and passing it off as their own. Sample this out: 
I have always been a fan of Hart the band since the jam "Uliza Kiatu" ,they restored my faith in humanity, to see that there was actually a band other than Sauti Sol (and others) that could  sing was in itself reassuring.  They have continued to incorporate poetry in their music creating a unique blend that only they can hack.
This one is for real, no cooked collaboration like the one we recently saw. Khaligraph Jones and Nigerian rapper may soon be hitting their airwaves with a new jam.
Pwahh! You MUST be stupid than a pregnant pig to think that in this digital era you can afford to steal someone’s song and walk scot free!
Friday, 28 August 2015 12:50

Bahati Faces The Bitter Truth In Uganda!

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The young gospel singer was utterly shocked by the action of Uganda’s media when he visited the Banana Republic a while ago.
Unforgiving flashing cameras caught a disturbing scene that made many poke fun at gospel singer, Willy Paul.
Another sex scandal is now rocking the boat of one popular M.P.
Watu hutoka mbali! This phrase can be used to summarise DJ Crème de la Crème’s past life.
Thursday, 27 August 2015 12:25

Abbas Finally Weds His White Baby Mama (Photos)

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Hip hop heavyweight, Abbas Kubaff, walked down the aisle one more time with yet another dazzling Caucasian lady.
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