With his popularity across the country, it's hard to imagine that Jaguar is still unknown to some people.
K24's Riddim up live VDJ and producer Deejay Juan was involved in bad road accident along Thika Road an hour ago. He was lucky to escape unscathed as his vehicle was reduced to a mangled wreck of twisted metal. shortly after the accident the Dj shared on his social media account that he had escaped un-hurt thank to the safety belt that he had on while driving.  The Supremacy Deejay urges everyone to be extra careful while driving, and to have their seat belts at all time,-  Seat belts save lives.. his was an example.       
This year has been full of blessing to gospel songbird, Janet Otieno. Not only did she traverse the globe to promote her music; she managed to bag international recognition as well.
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Octopizzo Lusts After A Hot Babe... (photo)

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It has not been long since the name Octopizzo came to be a household name, with his catchy and witty lyrics, Octo or Tergat as he now prefers to be called has grown quite a penchant for the finer things in life. It all started from the time he became an internationally acclaimed artist. His fashion sense changed, his talk change, Heck he even chnaged his circles and started hanging out with the president who he proudly calls "My Nigga"- oh ok. 
Did you know that you can use Vera Sidika, Ebola and World-Cup in the same Sentence? like:- Vera Sidika, World Cup and Ebola tops the list of the most searched topics on the internet! 
With a thin line existing between gospel and secular music, the “righteous” have continued confusing people with their actions; or is it the case of preaching water and drinking wine?
A Tanzanian actress has been the subject of discussion across East Africa after rumours surfaced that she was dating Kenyan singer Jaguar.
Speculation has been rife in the air for quite some time now that singer Juliani and actress Brenda Wairimu are having an affair and that the actress is pregnant for Juliani.
‘Maina and King’ang’ In The Morning’ is arguably the most popular radio show in Nairobi. You can’t just flee from what the hosts have to say. 99% of matatus are always tuned in hence even non-fans have to swallow the topics. For reasons I don’t understand, I rarely miss the show too.
When KTN featured Anyango, the Chinese woman who plays Nyatiti and Luo songs perfectly and speaks dholuo excellently, viewers were mesmerized. We wondered how she mastered the language but it seems it is easy for many, not just her. After all they say Luo is a lifestyle, an application that you download and install!
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