Rajayjay of the infamous Pombe Bangi hit song has decided to shade light on the crib he owns in the posh neighborhood of Westlands.
Friday, 21 November 2014 17:40

Avril: I Have NEVER Dated Jalang’o

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  Forget the rumors circulating round about Avril having dated comedian Jalang’o, the truth straight from the horse’s mouth has finally arrived.
Nyota Ndogo comes from a family of musicians, something which they inherited from their father, who was a renowned guitarist in the coastal town of Mombasa.
I watched the NTV recap of what happened to the woman who was stripped at Kayole, it broke my heart, my heart went out to all the women who get harassed in the streets as they toil and trudge to put food to the table for their families. Wambui,a mother of two lives in Kayole, where she hawks eggs around mihango stage in a bid to eke out a living,Sometimes she walks 30 kilometres trying to make a living that has proved elusive. She lives in a 10 by ten single room that she has rented with her sister On this fateful day, shw was doing her usual rounds hwaking her boiled eggs when she ran into Muiruri,a dirty, puny excuse of  a man that would make her life a living hell,  The man requested her to make him 3 eggs with Kachumbari, she complied, Wambui stood by waiting patiently waiting…
The KTN mix-master is one very happy guy after the cure of his heart turned another year.
Most celebrities like to keep their private lives well concealed from the media, DJ Pierra has however opened up about her other activities away from the spinning deck.
Friday, 21 November 2014 10:46

Shaffie Weru and Caroline Mutoko Together? Here is the Insight Featured

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  Shaffie Weru and Caroline Mutuko together? No way, I also couldn’t believe it. Well, it’s true and I have valid facts to justify it.
Jaguar has urged her not to move even one centimetre away from him, but he himself has gone miles away to do a remix of the song One Centimetre.
  Sensational singer Nameless is set to fly out to the United States of America.
  Gospel singer Willy Paul Msafi has informed his fans that he wants to include the best in a remix of one of his songs that he is intending to do very soon.
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