Damn, people have money! Super rich songbird is causing ripples with her two German-made road monsters.
By now, If you don't know that Avril has a boyfriend from South Africa,then, you are reading the wrong blogs- And we all know the right one (wink) last week, we shared photos of the mama awards all the way down south, in Durban.  Where we showed Sharon Mundia, Sauti Sol and Victoria Kimani, clearly, we left out Avril. 
The rapper who is now said to be the devil's agent following his lattest song is flaunting his own version of the Beast.
  It seems gospel singer Linet Munyali famously known as Size 8 really studied and learnt a lot about DJ MO before accepting him as her husband.
 The fine moods of rejoice and jubilation filled the Ghafla offices today morning as sexy and bootilicous American rapper Nicki Minaj revealed to TMZ that she was dumping her boyfriend ‘Weak’ Mill for Ghafla columnist Philip Etemesi. This comes in the wake of Nicki’s ex, Mr. Mill being belittled by fellow rapper Drake in one of the harshest diss tracks ever known to mankind.
  Rapper Khaligrah Jones does not mince words when it comes to free-styling.  In fact he has his own way of doing it and no one comes near him when it comes to real rapping. In short, his style is different, unique and admirable.
Kenya got talent people. The very unfortunate thing is that very few people are around to tap these talents and because they cant do all the workload what happens is that they are eroded and washed away. Just like that! Quite appalling, right?
It has been two long weeks since Barack Obama departed from Kenya yet it’s only now that damning claims have surfaced to paint Sauti Sol’s Bien Baraza in bad light.
Self-proclaimed King of bling isn’t shy of flashing cameras or better, love got the best of him to give a damn about being photographed.
Don’t ever mess with Wahu Kagwi not unless you want to taste the wrath of her celebrity hubby who is VERY protective of her!
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