Lady Bee announced her intention for vying for a top seat at MCSK and now she is set to reveal what she will be bringing on board if she clinches the coveted seat.
The gospel singer’s sick mother went missing three days ago after she had left her house for a Chama meeting in the neighbourhood, never to come back.
  Their concoction of lively rhythms and traditional African influences has helped Sauti Sol become one of Africa’s most celebrated music groups.
    Many may not know him because it has been quite a while since the spotlight faded out on him. The man who brought the best of Size 8 is back again and has something worth lending him your attention.
It is Thursday and as it is a norm, this is the day many people share their fond memories engraved in photos and other things that remind them of their past. It is a throwback Thursday famously hashtagged as #TBT.
  Bahati built his name in gospel music but now it seems he is finding a soft spot in the secular world. His whereabouts in the club will leave you with more questions than you will ever find answers for them.
It is all smiles and great thanks to God after the gospel singer’s mother is finally found alive and safe after three days of intensified searching.
Female-fronted hip hop is on the cusp of a resurgence hence it’s a good time to revisit the subject of female MCs. Since its beginnings, hip-hop has been a Boys Club, with female rappers often ignored or pushed to the side, boxed into the background or assuming the "eye candy" role in music videos.
  One of East Africa’s finest singers and arguably the wealthiest of all has rubbished claims that he is a member of the perceived illuminati group and that all his wealth and success was acquired through Illumaniti.
  If I could start by capturing your mind for a second and taking you on a stroll back on memory lane to an artiste called Ala C. Not just Ala C as an individual but Ala C the guy who sang a jam about being rejected by a girl apparently for not owning a car a situation most guys in this our Nairobi have found themselves in. After that jam, Ala C has never been heard off again and I suspect it’s because of the trauma that was caused by the rejection.
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