Earlier on, Colonel Mustapha was arrested a few hours shy of the release of his new audio. This was after the husband to one of the vixens discovered that his wife was shaking her rump for the whole world to see.
Friday, 22 May 2015 13:29

Colonel Mustafa Speaks Of His Arrest

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Earlier on, we broke the news that Colonel Mustapha had been arrested just as he was about to launch his new track at 1 F.M .
Sheila Mwanyigha is most certainly sipping from some vial  containing the  elixir of life,-that mythical conncotion  that gives folks immortality. She refuses to grow old.  No wrinkles, just curves and a hot body to go with the flawless face. 
News just in is that Marya's former Beau Colonel Mustapha has been arrested.
  Prezzo has never been a gun snob; he is always strapped and has even gone on to social media to show off his gun.
  Gospel heartthrob Daddy Owen has not disappointed ever since he made his debut in the gospel industry to join his veteran brother Rufftone who showed him the way.
  A long time ago, not long enough for a class three kid to forget, there was a man named David Mathenge.
  It rarely happens within our confines. In fact, it rarely happens the world over. That a respected gospel artiste who has songs produced by one of the most respected gospel producers in the 254 finally decides it is time he calls it a day at the gospel music, ditches it and ventures into secular music to do some of the most fascinating and ratchet videos.
Thursday, 21 May 2015 15:28

This Is What Doreen From TPF 5 Has Been Upto.

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In a hotly contested TPF, Ruth Matete took home the top prize. Doreen Nyawira, the purple diva took second place, the fans were happy and soon moved on. The competition is no longer on our screens but the memories of the purple diva dressed like a geisha are still fresh. I caught up with Doreen and we had a little chat Earlier this week. 
  The growth of a child and their learning of situations around their surrounding entirely depends on their upbringing. I mean the knowledge and teaching their parents inject into them and the environment they provide them to learn.
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