Last week, I announced to everyone that Kalekye Mumo was going to be dropping a huge bomb once she got back to Kenya aye? Well, the songstress who hosts the Kiss 100 FM drive show alongside Shaffie Weru has done just that. And ass you can tell from this introduction, i am nopt long for the yarning and bending your ears, I do not want to bore you with irrelevant stories trying to prolong this article. So why not keep reading about the bomb Kalekye has dropped below. No seriously, you should probably skip this bit because it is going to be one long circle jerk of me trying to atleast make this piece 500 words long and if you're still reading this part of the article instead of moving onto find out what the Kalekye has gone and done then you are the reason people get knocked down along…
Vera Sidika has bleached and now the entire world knows that. And there is nothing wrong with that now is there? From the way the Ghafla Poll is looking though, alot of people do not agree with my assertion that there is nothing wrong with bleaching. There are alot of people who feel like bleaching is selling out and i cannot blame you for holding that opinion but pause that mess! This is about how hot Vera Sidika has been looking.
East Africa’s first legal music download platform boasting of more than 10,000 songs from Kenya's biggest artists,, is set to award the best artistes.
  Mdundo is East Africa's first legal music download platform. With more than 10,000 songs from Kenya's biggest artists. We have a library of free Kenyan music with a share of premium music - which requires a monthly subscription fee.
Standard Digital Entertainment (SDE) and Play are set to launch a new exciting music download service. The service will make available the latest quality urban Pan African content to its subscribers.
Maina Kageni is one of the biggest forces on Kenyan radio and with good reason. He has proved that he is not a blowing wind, here today and gone tomorrow. He has been on radio for as long as I can remember and her has been making some rather serious money off of it. But be that as it may, he shows no signs of slowing down even after going on record and saying that he will retire. but time will tell.
It has been a minute since I last created a poll but after all the fiery furore that was raised yesterday after I did an article about Vera Sidika bleaching herself -by her own admission no less. Anyway, today, we all woke up to the news that Lupita Nyong'o, a lass who takes pride in being as ethnic looking as any Luo girl would was voted the most beautiful woman by People Magazine so I was wondering how everyone feels about bleaching.
If it ain’t white, it ain’t right. Right? You tell me. Anyway, voluptuous video vixen, Vera Sidika, has been a subject of ridicule and laughter after she suddenly became lighter for some reason and a lot of people suspect it’s skin bleaching.
Emmy Kosgei is one woman that, embodies the African culture oh-so- flawlessly, whether she is in a West African ceremonial dress or Kalenjin regalia or even a fusion of both cultures, Emmy always ‘Brings it’.
Today is Thursday, and tomorrow Friday, the weekend is finally here and with that I can say goodbye to my week of toil. Speaking of the weekend, I being an megalitarian man believe that if I work 5 days a week, my weekend should be just aslong. If I ruled the world! If only. But I know I can atleast put a smile on your face with the ten hottest stories making the biggest splashes in Kenya's entertainment industry:
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