Today is Thursday, and tomorrow Friday, the weekend is finally here and with that I can say goodbye to my week of toil. Speaking of the weekend, I being an megalitarian man believe that if I work 5 days a week, my weekend should be just aslong. If I ruled the world! If only. But I know I can atleast put a smile on your face with the ten hottest stories making the biggest splashes in Kenya's entertainment industry:
Soon after dropping the rather amazing track "Koolio", STL was off to Europe but such is the life of a jet-setting celebrity. She was recently in London before heading back home in Norway. And while in Norway, she settle back into her life as a Norwish rapper and it was while soaking up some very rare sunlight in oNorway that a photgraph was taken of her with her "man".
They may not always be behind the wheel of the uber luxurious drives they pull up in, but they sure own very noteworthy car collections.
They may look effortless, but Gospel star DK Kwenye Beat puts a lot of hard work into his music videos. For the latest look inside his creative process, the singer has just released a behind-the-scenes photos from his yet-to-be-released music video.
  At the height of her secular songs fame, Genge singer Size 8 had some spiritual growing pains of her own and became a born again Christian.
A Kenyan rapper living in the UK found himself in trouble after his neighbours protested about the loud music emanating from his apartment.
Vera Sidika is one of the sexiest women in Kenya and I for one feel that her metamorphosis suits her. She seems happier with herself and that is all we can ever ask for -comfort in our own skin. But all this is all well and good as far as artificial insemination of heifers goes in Shinyalu. Let us get at it.
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 12:56

Ferre Gola Nominated For MAMAs 2014

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The prolific Congolese singer Ferre Gola has done it! He has been nominated for best francophone artist for the 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs).
Classic 105’s Maina Kageni is considered one of the smartest, influential not forgetting most bankable celebrities we have around. So when Maina speaks we listen.
  Under fire trained-lawyer turned socialite, Lily Corazon, has found support from unlikely quarter. She has been on everyone’s lips after her photos went viral on social media for well…good and bad reasons.
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