Started from the bottom now a star. Don’t think Mejja used to spot the same physical appearance a couple of years ago, his success is demonstrated by his body.
The East African music industry has been infiltrated by foreign content in recent times, leading to low income for East African musicians.
She is a Disc Jokey. She is an actress. She loves music. And above all, she is beautiful. Plus she has a very seductive voice.
Veteran Ugandan heartthrob Jose Chameleone has finally spoken out the genesis of his disagreement with his younger brother and fellow singer Pallaso.
Thursday, 29 January 2015 14:35

Caroline Mutoko: Redsan Needs To Pull Up His Socks

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Ragga superstar, Redsan has been urged to up his game if he still wants to remain relevant in music industry for this year.
Thursday, 29 January 2015 13:05

Ghafla Educates: Guide On Going Home With a Socialite This Weekend Featured

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Have you ever met a beautiful woman, so beautiful that for a second you thought you were dreaming? You were sipping your drink in the club and she walks in accompanied with a group of her friends and right there and then she catches your attention and that of every man in the club.
Classic FM’s Maina Kageni was taken by surprise when his sweetheart unexpectedly tagged him in an old photo she posted on social media.
Showbiz is like politics. Actually,showbiz IS politics... But the politics of the glamorous. The line that demarcates power and showbiz is thin....And more often than not,Celebrities and politicians have,since the inception of both institutions, slept in the same bed.
January is ending an a high note: Salaries in the bank, Valentines around the corner and of course birthday parties in plenty.
If you thought Mwafreeka could allow Nigerians to use their numerical advantage to intimidate him, you are totally wrong. The rapper has single-handedly wrestled the Ogas and so far he seems to be having the upper hand.
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