She is definitely on top of her game and her sky rocketing career got her to have a date with the most powerful mortal on the face of planet earth.
Blaqy and Risper Faith have caused quite a stir for a minute ever since the released of the latter's music video titled "Money Maker" and though not all the sentiments shared about the video are positive, but the impact has been felt nonetheless.
People from ‘baara’ do love the coast and that is why you will see a number of us making our way to the Kenyan coast, land of  pristine white sandy beaches, tropical weather and Swahili delicacies.
Friday, 22 August 2014 16:28

Sauti Sol’s Lipala Dance Winner Crowned

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  Having beaten contestants from across the world, it will be right to say without any fear or favor that they are definitely the queens of Lipala Dance.
A year ago (give a couple of months), Mwalimu Rachel and the father of her child, her significant other, a rapper whose stage name is K-Letta received a blessing from the Great providence in form of a son whom they named Jabari.
If all goes as planned, January 2015 will see not one but two of the Mwatia brothers bid adieu to the bachelor life.
 After getting the glimpse of the ratchetness in rapper Rajayjay’s video, Blaqy has pledged to drop the remix of his controversial song Money Maker hit.
Friday, 22 August 2014 15:28

Anita Nderu Opens Up About Her Addiction

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What is your addiction? Pombe or Bhangi? Chocolate or crack? Shoes or food? Money or meth?
There’s ratchetness, then there’s just something else we’re yet to find a name for. This music video titled “Pombe Bangi” by rapper Rajayjay who last year accused Octopizzo of stealing a couple of his, and a number of Lang'ata based artists rhymes, has released a video that is the complete meaning of RATCHETNESS, with ladies and gentlemen in the video getting naughty and proper wasted "We can call it; having fun".
  Walking down the aisle with the lover of your life is every couple’s dream; Singer Jaguar might as well did that but it was really a covert affair.
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