Kenyans React To Emmy Kosgei's Billion Shilling Wedding!

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The gossip mills have been on overdrive since it was revealed that Emmy Kosgei's was getting hitched to the Nigerian cleric and mogul Anslem Madubuko. Opinions were aired,criticisms passed and rumour mongering was on an all time high but that did not slow down the Tau Net Nelel singer.

In fact she got the kind of wedding that could only exist in a fairytale,she did not have one but three weddings that were slated to cost approximately 1 billion shillings!The first wedding was a traditional wedding held yesterday in Abuja Nigeria .The second wedding will be held tomorrow in Lagos Nigeria at the Revival Miracle Cathedral.The hymeneal will be invite only and the swanky reception will be held at the lavish Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Lagos.The last ceremony will be at Emmy's backyard where prominent people such as the president,deputy president and two former presidents will grace the occasion.

Kenyans on social media had this to say about the billion shilling wedding part of which was held yesterday:

Gitobu Imanyara ‏@GitobuImanyara Congratulations Emmy Kosgei. May your marriage to the Nigerian pastor bring our sister countries closer.

 ‏@njiiru Emmy kosgei anafanya harusi ya 1 billion, kwani wedding ring ni ile imezunguka Saturn.

@tyrus_ 1 Billion? Better come with a planet as a gift. RT @Nairocity: Emmy Kosgei's Wedding to Cost One Billion Shillings
Mutindi Mutua,

Emm ‏@Emmelye Why are we so obsessed with Emmy Kosgei's wedding. Can we for once accept & respect someone's choices. #EmmyKosgey

@RozayBoss_: Wedding ya Emmy Kosgei ni ksh 1 billion???? Angels watakuwa???

 ‏@iam_gustav 10 Ati #Emmy_kosgei anaenda kufanyia wedding Nigeria, kwani itaonyeshwa kwa AFROSINEMA?

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