The hottest female celebs in Kenya (according to chaguo la teeniez nominees)

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Chat awards has been the most common awards amongst Kenyan youths whom are the one who vote for their favorite celebs to bag different awards in different categories.

This time they will have to choose the hottest female celeb amongst these hot Kenyan ladies.

Size 8:

size 8

She’s the ‘Kuta waka moto’ singer, and if you get to see her live, then you will get to understand why she’s in this category.

 Tanya of Tahidi high:


It sad that we no longer get to see this gorgeous lady on Tahidi high. She used to make young guys get glued to this program just to have a glimpse of her.


marya ogopa 

She is the kind of a lady whom every man would want to floss with.



If you want to talk about beauty, then the ‘Kitu kimoja’ singer should be on that list. She is the one person you would want to see everyday and not get bored.

So this the list, but whom do you think will bag the best hottest female celeb?

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