Do big budget videos result in success?

Monday, 23 April 2012 14:59 , Written by 

Camp Mulla reportedly spent 4million Kshs on 2 videos: "Party Don't Stop"& "Addicted", Prezzo spent north of 500K on "Prezzo"& Redsan shot "Desire" in Europe for an undisclosed amount.

 These videos had the supernova effect: creating superstar statuses for the artists! Don't get me wrong, both Prezzo& Redsan were big before the release of their videos but after the videos, they were huge!

The question for today is, "Do you have to spend big money on your video to become a star in Kenya?" When Camp Mulla drop expensive video after expensive video, their profile rises. Octopizzo, arguably one of Nairobi top 2 lyricists of the moment has everything needed to blow except one... a big budget video under his belt.




Doesn't such a criteria lock a talented rapper from the underground at the bottom of the barrel? Can't we make a good video that doesn't gobble mindboggling amounts of money to do or is it only cash guzzling videos that are good? Come on producers, rise to the occassion. Most of the money injected into these videos goes to foreign video directors so does that mean that only foreigners can get the job done? Just the other day on twitter a tweep of mine challenged anyone to upload a Luche Production video on the same page as a Camp Mulla video... After we were done chuckling, we thought about it... "Lemme try that" says i to which he replied "It would be akin to genocide and you might find yourself in a cell next to Taylor's as a guest of the Hague"...

You be the judge of that






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