Meet Bodacious Video Vixen Maura Malanga’s Mum (PHOTO)

Friday, 01 November 2013 13:33 , Written by 

Hate her or love her but bootyfull vixen Maura Malanga likes what she does and gets paid for it plus she doesn’t care how haters perceive her. Despite the bad girl tag, she’s one good-natured girl to her mother.

Maura, recently paid a tribute to her mother as she introduced her to the public for the first time;

"Mum you are the most beautiful woman I know.You are my number one role model and I draw most of my inspiration from you.I see the pain my tears cause you and the joy my smile brings you and that's how I know your love for me is true and everlasting.I'd die for you and I'd kill for you but nothing I do for you will ever match all you've done for me.Everytime I count my blessings I always count you twice because you are my greatest blessing.I love you so much mummy"



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