Octopizzo in illuminati?!

Friday, 11 May 2012 10:14 , Written by 

Bizzarre claims from shortsighted fans about Octopizzo's rise to stardom

 As I was reading through the pulse today morning, i came across an interesting piece that claimed that some fans had questioned Octopizzo's meteoric rise to fame &superstardom. What caught my attention is the ignorance of some of these so called fans. Thing is, Octopizzo's rise to stardom can steadily be traced through time as he gave us hit after hit after hit after hit. With a slew of hits that boast lyrical content that tip the scale on the heavier side coupled with superb production work, a star was born.

Why are some amongst us so eager to classify the fruits of his labour as ill-gotten gains? Why is it that when we see an MC enjoying the fruits of their blood, sweat& tears we are quick to belittle their hassle? Come off the roooobbbish accusations and appreciate the lads hard work!
From "Vowels" to the recently released "Bila Mic", lad has been consistent with the lyrical wordplay& hard hitting punchlines but now that the mainstream media has finally sat up to take notice of the talent that is Octopizzo some of us want to hate? And just what aren't you telling us? If you know that he is in illuminati (whatever this non-existent rubbish is), just how do you know that he is a member? Are you also a member?! HMMMMMMM?! And i doubt the talented and lyrically endowed MC would sell his soul for a tv interview and 2 radio shows.
Ocopizzo, keep lifting "Numba Nane" and keep up the good work! Hope you supernova! Blow up so big that we have Kenyan born, thoroughbred grammy nominees and indeed winners!
This is just my humble opinion.

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