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La Familia is back, and this time... 'Roho Chuma'

Friday, 25 May 2012 12:21 , Written by 
La Familia:6 Foot, MC Samora and DNG La Familia:6 Foot, MC Samora and DNG

They introduced themselves to the music scene with the track 'we go hard', before disappearing back to the behind-the-scenes. Now they are back with a force to reckon.

The La Famila trio- DNG, MC Samora and 6 Foot recorded their new track, 'Roho Chuma' with Ulopa Ngoma. The song, as its title says, portrays the strength that they have stepped back in the game with.

The costumes they have on, in the video is even more interesting. The trio is donned in military uniform (generals to be specific). This, according to them, is to show that La Familia are simply the street kings, or rather, 5 Star Generals.

The video was shot at old Ngara, bringing out perfectly the street theme that the song is all about.

They have made it clear that they are back and are not leaving anytime soon. Check out the track below.

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