Avril& GKon beefing?

Friday, 25 May 2012 13:36 , Written by 

According to pulse magazine, Avril snubbed Gkon

And this as an isolated incident wouldn't amount to much but when you take into account the turbulent history the two have um... shared, everything gets some perspective.

Well the two were reportedly recently doing a show at St Mary's high and when Gkon sat next to her in the back seat the comely songstress walked out of the car to take the front passenger's seat.

Gkon was reported to have caught a feeling or two about the whole incident but perhaps we need to go slightly further to understand the strained relations between the two. Sometime last year, GKon claimed that he had a fling with the nightingale: a story that Avril vehemently denies.

Apply this history to the scenario that unfolded at st Mary's recently and you get a clearer picture of what happened& why it did. Well, what cut between the two is conjecture but what is concrete is the fact that this beef whille not dissapate anytime soon.




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