Gospel debate refuses to die!

Friday, 25 May 2012 16:25 , Written by 

Why does the acrimony gospel artists have towards each other seem to run deeper than and be more vicious than what is experienced in the secular world?

After reading the Wale Tano interview in Zuqka earlier today, a question has been echoing in my mind: Why are there such divergent views on what type of music can be classified as gospel.

When Jimmy Gait &Holy Dave were at the Ghafla offices, they gave a rather compelling argument on why it is that they believe there music is gospel. The backdrop of this was the constant questioning of their genre of music. I have to admit that i am of their school of thought: their music is for a specific niche. But all in all they are getting the gospel out their.

Wale Tano however are of a different perspective, they are of the mind-frame that gospel isn't meant to be entertaining. say what? Ibolachi? What Jimmy Gait and Daddy Owen have decided to do (reach out to a hitherto sidelined audience) is what actually led to the Kenyan gospel renaissance. Jimmy Gait, Daddy Owen, Holy Dave Juliani and the like are the pioneers that gave gospel it's hip factor. It's because they dared to be different that gospel has captivated young minds.

Gone are the days when Joy Bringers would suffice. Joy Bringers did their bit which was in tune with the times but times change and when the epoch changed, the show died a natural death& youngsters and teenie boppers alike were forsaking the church in droves. But a revolution occurred and i do believe it was a Godsend when the youth begun to make their own gospel jams.

Where choir chorals and hymns failed, Christian youth rose to be counted and boy did they ever! Gospel music permeated even the hitherto ignored regions such as the pubs, bars& clubs. Kuna Dawa was 1st in this trend then the rest followed.

My advice to groups such as Wale Tano& the rest who are busy disparaging and belittling the efforts of the hipster gospel crowd is get with it. In the Bible, no less than King David danced fervently for the Lord& Jesus himself hang out with sinners. Doctors do not treat the sick and all that! Come off your high horses!

What the aforementioned artists have done is to get someone like me to listen to gospel &as i sing the lyrics, the words sink in& they minister to me. While there is nothing wrong with doing ballads, i'm young& that means YOLO! I do not want to hear slow songs all the time or even most of the time. I want a song that ministers to me at my level.

That is my humble opinion.


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