Anto Neosoul: The man behind the artist

Wednesday, 30 May 2012 10:29 , Written by 

We all know the ever upbeat Anto Neosoul aye?

But how many of us can say that we have gotten the chance to interact with him at a one-on-one setting? Well i was fortunate enough to have that chance yesterday and i was amazed by how intelligent, eloquent and spiritual the multi-talented artist is.

First off let me say that he gives credence to the adage that good things come in little packages -atleast in as far as his energy is concerned. The adjective to capture it is boundless!

To start off, how many of us have met a down to earth artist? Sounds a little cliche doesn't it? Well how many of us have interacted with a secular artist who has both feet firmly gounded in God's humility? When Anto spoke about his various projects and accomplishments, he gave all the glory to his creator. This was astounding because i for one know how success and fame has gotten to some of our illustrious artists.

Anto is also very conscious about how men treat women. He took the time out to say that he doesn't agree with how Prezzo has been talking to some of the women at the BBA house. And if i can digress a little, this tidbit about him would explain he chose to perform a Maya Angelou piece at Kwani.


He also is very serious about entertainment and performance as a career and this fact was betrayed by how passionately he spoke about Kenyan musicians needing to be professional about not just their music but their image aswell. He believes that for one to get good results they should be willing to work with and get advice from professionals. The insistence of some to go it alone has resulted in the proliferation of bad music from even artists who should know better.


And what about being bought off by some politician so that Anto sings their tune? There is no one anto is willing to let pay this piper ergo no one will call his tune. Anto let on that his music is his soul. So forget the illuminati, the day we will see him at some political rally belting out tunes in support of one politician and their party or another, he will truly have sold his soul for gold!

Passionate, energetic, deep and thoughtful. these are just some of the words that best describe Anto Neosoul the man.

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