Just who is Kenya's "King wa Rap"

Wednesday, 30 May 2012 17:38 , Written by 

Once upon a rhyme Collo declared himself the king of all matters rap.

And he was thanked for this contribution to the Kenyan entertainment scene with missive and lyrical barbs. Some came close to land that TKO but some how he always managed to stay on his feet and land some awesome lyrical jabs of his own.

That was then, when the Kenyan hiphop scene wasn't as established. Today there are a gang'a rappers that can credibley stake claim to that title without a fear. These rappers would include:

Octopizzo. This lad has been consistent on his come-up. And he has the lyrical content to grab the crown. He has tthe punchlines and the witty one-liners to defend his claim.

Juliani. Aye, i don't care that he's a gospel artist, all i care for is the fact that the talent is there and so are the witty one liners and the kray wordplay. If he wanted to, he could challenge for the throne but he wouldn't. He serves a higher calling.

There is Kaka Sungura. Rabbit has given us hit after hit consistently and they have some of the baddest lyrics ever heard on a Kenyan track. This guy just needs to produce more songs faster and i can see him challenging for the throne. Afterall, there has to be a reason behind Lonely Island contacting no one else to feature on their track. And just so you know, it is the Kenyan video &/or a video featuring a Kenyan that has the highest hits.

Coola Gang. Perhaps it's unfair of me to feature groups in this peice given that there is strength in numbers but i would be doing this list a world of injustice by not featuring these guy. Kapella, Shukid, Taffe, Kevin Grands and Greg are mad talented. And if your first reaction when i mentioned these guys was who? Then you my friend are an ostrich. Get your head out of the sand.

Holy Dave can actually claim the throne but he needs to stop featuring on other people's tracks so much and get out his own material. But then again, there's that little issue of Christian humility that would be a hinderance. Btw i really want to hear a collabo from Holy Dave and Juliani. The best of English Christian rhymes meets the best of sheng rhymes. This would be a madness!

Abass needs to keep churning out stuff religiously or risk slipping into obscurity. This guy as we speak is the foremost contender but he hasn't been as consistent as i'd like. The cool kids might just surpass him real soon.

And finally Camp Mulla. These guys are the guys to watch. Shappaman, Taio Tripper and K'Cous can take that crown and run with it and i dare say that they won't be return it anytime soon. With the likes of these three, they have the lyrical content, the punch lines and the flow to do so.

So now it's over to you the reader, who do you think has what it takes to be the king of Kenyan rap?


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