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Guess which celebrity is turning 19 today?

Wednesday, 06 June 2012 11:36 , Written by 
Camp Mulla's Taio Tripper Camp Mulla's Taio Tripper

Yap! It's about that time of the year for one of our celebrities, that gets them all thankful and jovial for all that they have been through.

He is a member of the fastest rising hiphop group in Kenya and probably the most successful of the new era. 19 years ago, Camp Mulla's Taio Tripper, real names Mathew Taio Wakhungu was born.

Today, we celebrate this ambitious and talented artist, for he and his group has taken Kenya to higher heights than it already was/is.

taio 2

You can follow him on twitter to make personal shout-outs and birthday wishes @TheeTaioTripper.

#NP Camp Mulla - Hold it down. Check it out below.

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