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Reason why everyone is turning to Gospel

Friday, 20 January 2012 13:56 , Written by 
Gospel artiste Gospel artiste

It is a fact that the Gospel music genre has taken over the Kenyan music industry without a doubt. I was in a certain club last weekend and was suprisingly not shocked to hear

Esther Wahome's 'kuna dawa' playing and guys were actualy dancing and jumping to the tune. Let's just ignore the disrespect of the holy song by the Dj, and accept the dominance of the gospel tunes everywhere.

It is also a fact that most downloaded skiza tunes are from the gospel genre. No wonder more and more people in kenya are getting 'saved' by the day and churches are more attended especially by the youth.

It is artistes like Daddy Owen, Juliani and Kevoy Yout just to mention a few, that bring these good youths to the church and this is a good thing(for those that only live for parties and alcohol).

Activities and concerts like the Groove Party atrract thousands of youths. Big up to all the gospel artistes. Good work.

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